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Is HPE Planning to Cut 5,000 Jobs?
Mitch Wagner  
9/22/2017   1 comment
HPE will swing the axe for 5,000 heads, or 10% of its workforce, by year's end, if Bloomberg is right.
Cloud Skills Shortage Costs Enterprises Millions
Scott Ferguson  
9/21/2017   Post a comment
A report by the London School of Economics and Rackspace finds that a lack of cloud skills is costing enterprises more than $250 million in missed revenue.
Workers Bracing for Sweeping Automation Changes
Scott Ferguson  
9/20/2017   3 comments
A study carried out by Market Cube and sponsored by Smartsheet finds that knowledge workers are aware of the changes automation may bring. While there's concern, there's also some enthusiasm.
Oracle Layoffs Target Sun Division – Reports
Scott Ferguson  
9/7/2017   1 comment
After announcing it would hire 5,000 cloud professionals, Oracle is reportedly laying off employees within its Sun Microsystems division.
Appian CEO Sees Low-Code as Digital Transformation Key
Scott Ferguson  
9/6/2017   1 comment
Fresh off its IPO earlier this year, Appian is looking to make low-code mainstream and part of the digital transformation process. Matt Calkins, co-founder and CEO, is leading the way.
Las Vegas: Can Sin City Win Smart City Bet?
Scott Ferguson  
9/5/2017   7 comments
Las Vegas is primed for a technology revolution, says CIO Michael Sherwood. Can Sin City transform itself into a smart city?
Louisiana Overcomes Change Resistance for Cloud Journey
Mitch Wagner  
8/31/2017   2 comments
The state government is used to the old way of doing things, but the Office of Technology Services sees it's time to change.
Oracle Hiring 5,000 Cloud Pros in US
Scott Ferguson  
8/28/2017   7 comments
After being dogged by layoff rumors, Oracle is looking to hire 5,000 cloud professionals in the US.
Cloud, Digital Transformation Fueling Open Source Job Market
Scott Ferguson  
8/24/2017   4 comments
A new report from the Linux Foundation and Dice shows companies are looking to hire more IT admins with open source skills to support various cloud plans and digital transformation projects.
'Ladysplaining' Ex-Googler's Anti-Women Memo
Mitch Wagner  
8/11/2017   18 comments
Why James Damore, who was fired from Google for writing an anti-women memo, is more than just your average dumb monkey with a keyboard.
IoT Skills in Demand: Analytics, Big Data, Security
Scott Ferguson  
8/9/2017   6 comments
A study conducted by Ubuntu maker Canonical finds that the IoT market needs skilled workers, especially ones with knowledge of big data, analytics and security.
Low-Code: Can It Speed Up DevOps, Agile?
Scott Ferguson  
8/4/2017   1 comment
A survey from Forrester and Appian, which makes low-code tools, shows the technology is helping to speed up the development of applications in the era of cloud, DevOps and digital transformation.
Apple Responds to Trump, Touts 2M US Jobs
Mitch Wagner  
8/1/2017   9 comments
While President Donald Trump says Apple CEO Tim Cook promised to build three manufacturing plants in the US, Cook claims Apple has created 2 million jobs.
HPE's Meg Whitman Says No to Uber
Scott Ferguson  
7/28/2017   27 comments
HPE CEO Meg Whitman says she's staying at the company and will not be the CEO of Uber.
Will Automation Take All the IT Jobs?
Mitch Wagner  
7/28/2017   11 comments
If maintenance and operations require fewer workers, where do all those workers go?
Allstate Learns to Innovate With the Cloud
Mitch Wagner  
7/27/2017   5 comments
The 86-year-old insurer faces competition from online upstarts, and has had to learn to innovate.
HPE's Meg Whitman Considered for Uber CEO – Report
Scott Ferguson  
7/26/2017   19 comments
HPE CEO Meg Whitman is being considered for the top job at Uber, according to Bloomberg.
Digital Transformation Causing Sleepless Nights for IT – Study
Scott Ferguson  
7/26/2017   5 comments
A report from Couchbase finds that IT leaders and CIOs are worried about their business being left behind in the move to digital transformation.
Enterprises Look to Bake Security Into DevOps – Study
Scott Ferguson  
7/24/2017   2 comments
While DevOps remains a relatively new feature of the enterprise, security is one concept everyone can agree on. Now, many IT leaders are trying to combine the two.
Apple Launches Machine Learning Journal
Scott Ferguson  
7/20/2017   14 comments
The once secretive Apple is now publishing its machine learning research on a new website.
Juniper Taps Google Executive as CTO
Scott Ferguson  
7/19/2017   4 comments
Juniper has picked Google's Bikash Koley to replace the company's co-founder Pradeep Sindhu, who stepped down at CTO earlier this year.
Nutanix CIO: We Drink Our Own Champagne
Scott Ferguson  
7/18/2017   8 comments
In the era of cloud, it's more than eating your own dog food. For Wendy Pfeiffer, the CIO of Nutanix, the challenges of running the infrastructure of a cloud provider requires a more elegant approach.
IBM Watson Faces Tough Road – Analyst
Mitch Wagner  
7/13/2017   4 comments
A 'hefty services component,' competition for AI talent and slender returns on investment are obstacles for IBM's AI initiatives, according to a note from Jefferies.
Microsoft Changes CIOs in March to Cloud
Mitch Wagner  
7/9/2017   Post a comment
Longtime Microsoft vet Kurt DelBene is taking the reins from Jim DuBois, following the layoff of thousands of salespeople as part of Microsoft's cloud strategy.
Cisco's 'Network Intuitive': A Risky Transition
Mitch Wagner  
7/7/2017   1 comment
Cisco's vision of fully automated networks is a necessary step, but it's a bold one, and the vendor may have a tough time bringing customers along.
Microsoft Cutting Jobs in Shift to Cloud
Mitch Wagner  
7/6/2017   11 comments
The company is reportedly chopping 3,000 heads in sales, mostly in Europe, as cloud takes up more of its business.
Programmer Secretly Automates Most of His Own Job – Is That Wrong?
Mitch Wagner  
7/6/2017   12 comments
He's secretly figured out how to do his full-time, 40-hour job in one to two hours per week, and wants to know if he's cheating his employer.
Intel Cutting Over 100 IoT Jobs
Scott Ferguson  
7/6/2017   5 comments
Intel is reportedly cutting about 140 IoT jobs after canceling several projects earlier this year.
Evernote Founder Dreams of Digital Immortality
Mitch Wagner  
7/5/2017   7 comments
Stepan Pachikov sees the cloud note-taking app he created as a step in the direction of uploading all our memories to AI.
Is Microsoft Planning Reorg Around Cloud?
Mitch Wagner  
6/30/2017   12 comments
To intensify its focus on the cloud, Microsoft plans a global sales reorganization and job cuts, according to reports.
Cal Poly 'Leapfrogs' Into the Future With Cloud
Scott Ferguson  
6/27/2017   19 comments
California Polytechnic State University is going all in on public cloud and using AWS for its IaaS needs. The university's CIO explains why.
Cloud, Digital Marketing Driving IT Hiring in 2017
Scott Ferguson  
6/23/2017   9 comments
Cloud computing, along with digital transformation in marketing and big data, are going to drive IT hiring in the second half of 2017, according to Robert Half Technology.
HPE Appoints Antonio Neri as President
Scott Ferguson  
6/22/2017   3 comments
CEO Meg Whitman has appointed Antonio Neri president of the company as HPE looks to shed some businesses and dive deeper into cloud infrastructure, IoT and analytics.
Liberty Mutual Aspires to Be 'Software Company That Sells Insurance'
Mitch Wagner  
6/21/2017   11 comments
It's a familiar problem: Developing solutions with proprietary technology just takes too long, and IT faces pressure from customers and users to get more agile. Liberty Mutual turned to Cloud Foundry for results.
Cloud Foundry Takes Diversity 'Exceptionally Seriously'
Mitch Wagner  
6/16/2017   4 comments
As a little African-American girl fascinated by computers, Kyla McMullen says she wanted to turn herself into a white boy to fit in, but now she's standing out as a woman in tech.
Salesforce: AI Could Produce 800K Jobs
Scott Ferguson  
6/16/2017   4 comments
Unlike the naysayers, Salesforce sees AI as job creator. In a joint study with IDC, the CRM company found artificial intelligence could produce 800,000 jobs and revenue of $1 trillion.
Comcast Looks to Beat Customer Hate With Private Cloud
Mitch Wagner  
6/15/2017   5 comments
Comcast is boosting its dismal customer satisfaction ratings with a private platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud built on Cloud Foundry.
AI Likely to Outperform Humans in Less Than 50 Years
Scott Ferguson  
6/5/2017   5 comments
A joint report from Oxford and Yale universities finds that artificial intelligence will outperform humans in most tasks in 45 years, and could automate all jobs in 120 years.
Salesforce Rains $50M on Cloud Consultant Startups
Scott Ferguson  
5/31/2017   1 comment
The new Salesforce investment fund follows a similar commitment from Google to invest in AI startups.
In the Cloud, CFOs Have a Say, Too
Scott Ferguson  
5/29/2017   14 comments
In the cloud era, the entire C-suite has a say over what technology business invest in. This means the CFO, too.
Cloud Keeps Shifting Tech Spending Away From IT
Scott Ferguson  
5/26/2017   8 comments
The cloud is enabling a lot of innovation for IT, but democratizing effects are also shifting dollars away from IT to other parts of the enterprise.
At Amazon, It's OK to Be Gray
Mitch Wagner  
5/25/2017   8 comments
Amazon Web Services bucks the tech trend by hiring older workers to top positions.
Rackspace Taps EarthLink Executive Joe Eazor as New CEO
Scott Ferguson  
5/24/2017   4 comments
Rackspace has picked EarthLink CEO Joe Eazor as its new chief executive after Taylor Rhodes left the company in early May.
AI Is Coming for Highly Skilled Jobs, Too
Scott Ferguson  
5/11/2017   14 comments
It now appears that getting that advanced degree is pointless after all. A Gartner report finds AI can take jobs in medicine and law as well as IT.
Canonical Founder Mark Shuttleworth Returns as CEO
Scott Ferguson  
4/13/2017   5 comments
Mark Shuttleworth is returning to CEO of the Canonical, the company he founded, after current CEO Jane Silber announced her resignation. The company is focusing more on IoT and the cloud.
Pivotal Opens Windows to Its Cloud Platform
Scott Ferguson  
4/7/2017   2 comments
In an update to the Pivotal Foundry Cloud, the company is offering expanded support for Microsoft Windows and .NET applications.
Trump Administration Targets H-1B Visa Fraud
Scott Ferguson  
4/3/2017   2 comments
The US Citizenship and Immigration Services, along with the Justice Department, have issued new warnings for companies looking to use the H-1B visa program to hire foreign workers this year.
Cloud, IoT Help Drive IT Salaries – Dice Report
Scott Ferguson  
3/31/2017   11 comments
While Dice's annual salary report finds that although overall IT pay remains, those with networking and storage skills are in need at enterprises undergoing digital transformations.
Cloud Foundry Foundation Looks to Fill Enterprise Skills Gap
Scott Ferguson  
3/29/2017   2 comments
To bring more developers to its open source platform, the Cloud Foundry Foundation is offering its first ever certification program.
Cloud Is Taking Budget Away From IT
Scott Ferguson  
3/24/2017   5 comments
The advent of cloud computing, combined with other technologies, is giving other parts of the enterprise the ability to buy technologies. At the same time, IT has less control over its budget.
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