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Google Gives Cloud Apps a Hardware Boost
Mitch Wagner  
2/13/2018   1 comment
Google released hardware accelerators in beta to speed up machine learning on Google Cloud Platform, as well as boost performance of Kubernetes applications.
Dell Confirms Possible IPO or VMware Merger
Mitch Wagner  
2/2/2018   1 comment
Yup, we're thinking about it, Dell says in an SEC filing, adding that it might do something else or just continue business as usual.
Now Cisco Is Getting Into the Kubernetes Racket
Mitch Wagner  
1/31/2018   Post a comment
Cisco is looking to extend its infrastructure dominance into container management.
Red Hat Buys CoreOS for $250M, Building Kubernetes Muscle
Mitch Wagner  
1/30/2018   6 comments
The acquisition broadens Red Hat's open source toolkit to enable enterprises to deploy applications anywhere in a public, private or hybrid cloud environment.
Cisco Turns Up the Heat on Hyperconvergence
Mitch Wagner  
1/26/2018   Post a comment
Cisco gave its HyperFlex hyperconverged infrastructure a multicloud boost, adding support for Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors, containers including Kubernetes and new management tools.
'Spectre' & 'Meltdown' – What Cloud Users Need to Know
Mitch Wagner  
1/8/2018   5 comments
Don't forget to upgrade your browsers; vendors dispute reports of significant performance slowdowns due to patching; and containers and hypervisors don't get a free pass.
Google Cloud Offering 'Preemptible' GPUs Plus Price Cut
Scott Ferguson  
1/5/2018   5 comments
Google Cloud now offers what it calls 'preemptible' GPUs to help accelerate batch computing and machine learning workloads. Google is also cutting prices.
Red Hat Speeds Toward $3B in Revenue Thanks to Cloud
Scott Ferguson  
12/20/2017   5 comments
It was only a few years ago that Red Hat cracked the $1 billion mark in annual revenue. Now, with help from the cloud, the company is eyeing $3 billion.
Kubernetes Advances Windows Support
Mitch Wagner  
12/14/2017   Post a comment
Kubernetes 1.9 gets Windows support in beta and further refinements for the present-day multicloud environment.
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Shifts Focus to Serverless, Containers
Scott Ferguson  
12/6/2017   2 comments
With the release of PCF 2.0, Pivotal is focusing more on serverless computing and containers, as well as a new marketplace for developers that includes tools from GitHub, Splunk, New Relic, Apigee and IBM.
Amazon Launches Managed Kubernetes Service
Mitch Wagner  
12/4/2017   7 comments
Amazon was late to Kubernetes, but now it wants to take the hassle out of managing Kubernetes on the Amazon Web Services cloud.
VMware's Cloud Fortunes Continue in Q3
Scott Ferguson  
11/30/2017   1 comment
VMWare's third-quarter financial results showed the company's cloud and software-defined data center bets are continuing to pay off.
VMware & Amazon Grow Hybrid Tie-Up to 'Very Large Scale'
Mitch Wagner  
11/28/2017   Post a comment
VMware and Amazon Web Services are expanding their hybrid cloud partnership with new migration, scalability and disaster recovery capabilities.
Can Cable Make Inroads With Enterprises?
Alan Breznick  
11/22/2017   2 comments
Cable operators continue to lure small and midsize firms. But can they duplicate the feat with large enterprises? Come find out.
Microsoft's Russinovich: Avoiding Cloud Lock-In Is Risky Too
Mitch Wagner  
11/15/2017   Post a comment
Sure, cloud lock-in is risky. But multicloud has its own risks, says Microsoft Azure CTO Mark Russinovich.
Google's Diane Greene Opens Up on Her Life & Career
Mitch Wagner  
11/8/2017   5 comments
The Google cloud boss discussed her father losing his business after being falsely accused of being a communist, as well as her own ascent to the top enterprise cloud job at Google, in a wide-ranging conversation with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff.
Red Hat OpenStack Platform 12 Eyes Greater Container, Security Support
Scott Ferguson  
11/6/2017   Post a comment
At the OpenStack Summit in Australia, Red Hat is rolling out its OpenStack Platform 12, which emphasizes container and security support.
Riverbed Updates SteelCentral to Emphasize App Performance, Containers
Scott Ferguson  
11/3/2017   Post a comment
Riverbed is pushing beyond its traditional networking roots to build additional capabilities to monitor application performance, as well as containers.
IBM Cloud Private Extends Big Blue's Hybrid Reach
Scott Ferguson  
11/1/2017   1 comment
IBM is already a leader in private cloud, and Big Blue's Cloud Private platform extends that reach deeper into the hybrid cloud marketplace.
Microsoft Launches Kubernetes as a Managed Service
Mitch Wagner  
10/25/2017   Post a comment
Also upgrading Azure Container Registry to allow users to scale containers across Azure's global footprint.
Cloud Native Computing Foundation Adopts 2 Security Projects
Scott Ferguson  
10/24/2017   2 comments
Best known as the home of Kubernetes, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation is also adopting two open source security projects designed to protect containers.
AppDynamics Founder Launches 'Harness' for Continuous App Delivery
Mitch Wagner  
10/24/2017   Post a comment
Jyoti Bansal's new startup provides automated testing designed to reduce application deployment times from weeks to hours.
IBM, Docker Expand Partnership for Public Cloud Migration
Scott Ferguson  
10/18/2017   4 comments
At Dockercon Europe, IBM and Docker on expanding their container relationship with a focus on public cloud.
Instana Automates App Development & Maintenance
Scott Ferguson  
10/17/2017   Post a comment
Startup Instana is officially releasing its first APM offering this week at Dockercon Europe, adding automation and AI into the DevOps process.
Docker Climbs on the Kubernetes Train
Mitch Wagner  
10/17/2017   1 comment
Maybe the last significant container holdout to announce Kubernetes support?
Google & Partners Secure 'Software Supply Chain'
Mitch Wagner  
10/12/2017   3 comments
The open source Grafeas and Kritis projects are designed for securing and certify modern, complex software rollouts.
Kubernetes 1.8 Launches With Added Security, Enterprise Support
Mitch Wagner  
9/29/2017   2 comments
Google is jumping in with support for the new version on Google Container Engine.
SAP's Prime Directive: Aggressively Cloud-Agnostic Strategy
Mitch Wagner  
9/28/2017   17 comments
In contrast to competitor Oracle, SAP offers multi-cloud portability for infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).
Mirantis Leaps to Public Cloud
Mitch Wagner  
9/26/2017   4 comments
With Kubernetes management in AWS, Mirantis is going beyond private cloud for the first time.
Cloud Migration: Never Easy
Scott Ferguson  
9/21/2017   12 comments
Whether it's moving infrastructure or workloads over to the cloud, the migration is never easy. However, a pair of studies show that enterprises are forging ahead.
IBM Cloud Appliance Has Wheels & an Extendable Handle
Mitch Wagner  
9/18/2017   3 comments
The IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration appliance rolls data from on-premises to an IBM Cloud data center.
Oracle Latest Cloud Provider to Jump on Kubernetes
Scott Ferguson  
9/14/2017   Post a comment
By joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Oracle is the last cloud provider to get on the Kubernetes bandwagon.
Kubernetes Assimilates Mesosphere, Honoring Borg Ancestry
Mitch Wagner  
9/11/2017   1 comment
Resistance to the open source Google-born container orchestration software is futile.
Following Amazon Partnership, VMware Is a Cloud Company Now
Mitch Wagner  
9/5/2017   3 comments
VMware has shifted its focus from the on-premises data center to the cloud.
VMworld Photos: Lego Las Vegas!
Mitch Wagner  
9/1/2017   6 comments
Impressive Lego landscapes and virtual reality demos accompanied the cloud and security advances at VMware's annual customer confab.
Sysco Looks to Multi-Cloud for Digital Transformation
Mitch Wagner  
8/30/2017   8 comments
The food logistics company has ambitions beyond just 'moving things around at a very low cost.'
VMware & Google Hook Up Kubernetes for Enterprise
Mitch Wagner  
8/29/2017   1 comment
Fresh off a deal with Amazon, VMware is connecting with Google and Pivotal to help enterprises deploy container applications compatible with Google Cloud Platform.
Juniper Secures Cloud-Native Apps
Mitch Wagner  
8/29/2017   2 comments
Juniper Contrail Security protects apps built on microservices.
VMware's Cloud Momentum Continues Through Q2
Scott Ferguson  
8/24/2017   3 comments
VMware's second-quarter earnings reflect the company's continued transformation into a significant cloud player.
Microsoft, Red Hat Expand Partnership to Include Containers
Scott Ferguson  
8/22/2017   1 comment
An agreement between Microsoft and Red Hat will allow Windows Server containers to run natively on several different Red Hat platforms.
CoreOS Adds Microsoft Azure Support for Kubernetes
Mitch Wagner  
8/17/2017   1 comment
Azure support is designed to help enterprises avoid cloud vendor lock-in.
What Lies Ahead for Enterprise Cloud?
Mitch Wagner  
8/16/2017   6 comments
With the work year gearing up as the summer winds down, what can we expect from enterprise cloud? Find out on our webinar Tuesday, August 22.
FICO, a Premier OpenStack User, Goes to the AWS Dark Side
Mitch Wagner  
8/15/2017   4 comments
FICO is looking to AWS for global reach, security and features such as serverless computing and container report, says the financial services company, as OpenStack advocates cringe.
Amazon Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation: Why You Should Care
Mitch Wagner  
8/10/2017   1 comment
Amazon is getting behind Kubernetes, taking on a bigger role in open source and educating enterprises on digital transformation.
Washington State DoT Builds Its Cloud One Blade at a Time
Scott Ferguson  
8/8/2017   3 comments
Washington State's Department of Transportation is building out its private cloud infrastructure. It might be slow but the results are worth it.
Red Hat Acquires Data DeDup Specialist Permabit
Scott Ferguson  
8/1/2017   1 comment
Red Hat plans to incorporate Permabit's storage compression technology into its Linux platform, as well as hyperconverged and container offerings.
GigaSpaces Spins Off Cloudify as Standalone Company
Scott Ferguson  
7/27/2017   1 comment
As its own company, Cloudify will focus on management and orchestration of cloud apps, as well as NFV.
Microsoft Fires Shot at Google With Containers
Mitch Wagner  
7/26/2017   1 comment
Enterprise container support in Azure hits Google Cloud Platform close to home.
AWS Considering Kubernetes for Container Management Report
Scott Ferguson  
7/21/2017   2 comments
Amazon Web Services is reportedly considering using Google-backed Kubernetes for container orchestration management, although no firm decision has been made yet.
Startup TidalScale Scales Up Commodity Servers
Mitch Wagner  
7/18/2017   Post a comment
While commodity servers are great for scaling out, they don't scale up. TidalScale is looking to fix that.
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