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IBM & Maersk Set Sail With Blockchain
Mitch Wagner  
1/22/2018   Post a comment
The two companies are forming a joint venture to use blockchain to streamline international shipping.
Stanley Black & Decker CIO Drills Down Into Industrial IoT
Scott Ferguson  
1/22/2018   1 comment
CIO Rhonda Gass is spearheading an effort to bring more automation and IoT to the factories making Stanley Black & Decker tools and other equipment.
Cisco Ex-Boss John Chambers Launches VC Firm & Praises Eating Insects
Mitch Wagner  
1/18/2018   2 comments
The former Cisco CEO and chairman has launched a VC firm with investments including Internet of Things, customer experience and this is where the bugs come in agritech.
Comcast Taps Amazon As 'Preferred' Cloud Provider
Mitch Wagner  
1/16/2018   1 comment
Comcast is turning to Amazon Web Services as it looks to augment waning traditional pay-TV with added services such as home security and mobile access. But what does 'preferred' mean?
Market Incentives Stacked Against Network Security US Government Report
Mitch Wagner  
1/9/2018   4 comments
Market incentives motivate companies to minimize cost and time to market rather than build for security. That needs to change, according to a draft report from the US departments of Commerce and Homeland Security.
Cisco Study Finds an IoT Data Paradox
Scott Ferguson  
12/12/2017   3 comments
A Cisco study finds that people like Internet of Things devices, but they don't trust companies with all that data.
IoT Spending to Reach $772B in 2018 Report
Scott Ferguson  
12/11/2017   5 comments
A recent report from IDC finds that IoT spending will increase more than 14% between 2017 and 2018 to reach $772 billion by the end of next year, with the manufacturing, utilities and transportation industries spending the most.
Dell Technologies Posts Smaller Q3 Loss
Scott Ferguson  
12/7/2017   1 comment
Dell Technologies posted a smaller loss during its 2018 financial third quarter as the company continues to adjust to life as a private company, and expands into new areas such as hyperconverged.
Amazon Introduces 'DeepLens,' a $249 AI-Enabled Video Camera
Mitch Wagner  
12/1/2017   11 comments
Amazon Web Services pitches DeepLens as a tool to help developers teach themselves machine learning.
Microsoft Doubles Down on Open Source, Analytics for Developers
Scott Ferguson  
11/16/2017   3 comments
To increase development in the cloud, Microsoft is continuing to invest in open source and data analytics technologies. At its Connect show, Redmond rolled out new tools to assist the company's legions of developers.
Cisco's Q1 Beats Wall Street Expectations
Scott Ferguson  
11/15/2017   2 comments
Cisco beat Wall Street expectations during its first-quarter financial report, and the company claims that some of its technology bets, including security, are starting to pay off.
AT&T: 'True Mobile' Is Driving Cloud Edge
Mitch Wagner  
11/15/2017   2 comments
A new generation of mobility apps requires performance not available from conventional cloud.
Cisco Creates $1B Financing Program for Smart Cities
Scott Ferguson  
11/14/2017   4 comments
Cisco is looking to delve further into smart cities and IoT technologies with a $1 billion financing program for those communities looking to make investments.
Why Chevron's 7-Year Microsoft Deal Is More Than Your Typical Tech Contract
Mitch Wagner  
10/30/2017   2 comments
Score up another big win for Microsoft, as petro-giant Chevron establishes Microsoft Azure as its primary cloud provider.
How the Cloud Can Secure the Internet of Things
Scott Ferguson  
10/30/2017   8 comments
The cloud and the Internet of Things are closely tied together. In a special report, Enterprise Cloud News looks at how the cloud is protecting IoT.
GE's Predix Platform Finds New Home on Microsoft Azure
Scott Ferguson  
10/26/2017   7 comments
After agreeing to a deal with AWS, GE is now partnering with Microsoft to brings its Predix IoT management platform to Azure.
Cisco's AppDynamics Looks to Drive Business Value
Mitch Wagner  
10/18/2017   4 comments
New Business iQ software measures customer satisfaction and revenue through mobile, web, Internet of Things and more.
Xerox CISO Readies Printers for IoT Era
Scott Ferguson  
10/16/2017   10 comments
Dr. Alissa Johnson, the CISO of Xerox, believes that printers are part of the IoT ecosystem, and that's where the security concerns start.
What's Blockchain Good For?
Mitch Wagner  
10/13/2017   15 comments
Sure, blockchain is over-hyped. But don't let that distract you from its practical value.
Alibaba's $15B R&D Investment Includes AI, IoT
Scott Ferguson  
10/12/2017   2 comments
Alibaba will invest $15 billion over the next three years in a variety of research and development projects.
Dell Putting Its Company Muscle Behind New IoT Strategy
Scott Ferguson  
10/10/2017   3 comments
Dell Technologies is looking to leverage all parts of the company as part of a big push into the Internet of Things.
Salesforce Launches CRM/IoT Starter Kit
Mitch Wagner  
10/10/2017   2 comments
Salesforce IoT Explorer Edition is designed to give enterprises a way to get started using IoT data to improve customer outcomes.
3D-Printing Startup Carbon Puts Down Cloud Footprint
Mitch Wagner  
10/9/2017   Post a comment
The company standardized on Oracle business applications to simplify internal operations as it looks to revolutionize the manufacturing industry.
AWS Delivering Cloud to GE
Scott Ferguson  
10/6/2017   5 comments
Amazon Web Services scored a major cloud deal with GE.
GE Keeps the Lights on With IoT
Scott Ferguson  
10/3/2017   11 comments
GE is about ready to fully deploy its Predix platform, along with Asset Performance Management software, to its own facility to ensure the flow of electricity doesn't stop.
AWS's Andy Jassy: No One Thought We'd Grow This Quickly
Scott Ferguson  
10/3/2017   1 comment
Amazon Web Services is the undisputed leader of public cloud, and at the Gartner Symposium AWS chief Andy Jassy offered a window into how that happened.
Will AI Solve the IT Jobs Shortage?
Scott Ferguson  
10/2/2017   9 comments
Artificial intelligence is thought to be destroying jobs. However, Gartner analysts believe that the only way to fill important IT positions for security and IoT is through AI.
Google's Cloud IoT Core Platform Moves to Public Beta
Scott Ferguson  
9/27/2017   10 comments
Google is moving its Cloud IoT Core management platform into public beta and adding new features.
Cisco Eliminating 310 Jobs at San Jose HQ Report
Scott Ferguson  
9/27/2017   3 comments
Cisco's job cutting is hitting home as the company will eliminate 310 jobs at its San Jose headquarters.
Cisco & Partners See Blockchain Opportunities in IoT
Mitch Wagner  
9/25/2017   1 comment
Blockchain will provide the lightweight security, interoperability and other services needed for Internet of Things applications, the companies say.
Pitney Bowes Gives Cloud, SaaS Stamp of Approval
Scott Ferguson  
9/20/2017   4 comments
At nearly 100 years old, Pitney Bowes is looking to transform itself through adopting the cloud, while delivering its traditional services through SaaS.
Apple Launches Animated Poop Emoji, iPhone X
Mitch Wagner  
9/13/2017   12 comments
With the launch of a new iPhone and Apple Watch, Apple demonstrates again how it succeeds by satisfying customers – despite the talk of reality distortion fields.
Cisco Exec Faced 'Terrifying' Deportation as Undocumented Immigrant
Mitch Wagner  
9/8/2017   7 comments
Rowan Trollope, currently a Cisco senior vice president, was nearly deported from the US as a teenager after his mother, 'a free spirit,' neglected to get visas for herself and her children when she immigrated to the US.
IBM, US Army Ink $135M Cloud Deal
Scott Ferguson  
9/6/2017   2 comments
IBM has signed a deal to provide cloud services and other tech support for the US Army's Logistics Support Activity group over the next 33 months.
Las Vegas: Can Sin City Win Smart City Bet?
Scott Ferguson  
9/5/2017   8 comments
Las Vegas is primed for a technology revolution, says CIO Michael Sherwood. Can Sin City transform itself into a smart city?
Oracle Adds Machine Learning, AI to IoT Cloud
Scott Ferguson  
8/31/2017   6 comments
Oracle is adding a level of automation to its IoT portfolio with the addition of machine learning and AI.
Google & Walmart Take the Fight to Amazon
Mitch Wagner  
8/23/2017   12 comments
Consumers will be able to order Walmart merchandise through Google Assistant.
Cisco Revenue Decline Continues Into Q4
Scott Ferguson  
8/16/2017   5 comments
Despite in-line financial results for its fiscal fourth quarter of 2017, Cisco revenue declines continued as it looks to embrace the cloud, security and its 'network intuitive' platform.
IoT Skills in Demand: Analytics, Big Data, Security
Scott Ferguson  
8/9/2017   6 comments
A study conducted by Ubuntu maker Canonical finds that the IoT market needs skilled workers, especially ones with knowledge of big data, analytics and security.
Is Twitter Pivoting to Live Video?
Mitch Wagner  
8/4/2017   9 comments
COO Anthony Noto, nicknamed the 'wartime CEO,' wants to turn the social network into a 24x7 live video platform.
IoT Security Raises Concerns for US Senators
Scott Ferguson  
8/3/2017   9 comments
With the Internet of Things continuing to grow, a group of US senators is looking to get a better handle on the security of connected devices.
HPE's Meg Whitman Says No to Uber
Scott Ferguson  
7/28/2017   27 comments
HPE CEO Meg Whitman says she's staying at the company and will not be the CEO of Uber.
Intel Cutting Over 100 IoT Jobs
Scott Ferguson  
7/6/2017   5 comments
Intel is reportedly cutting about 140 IoT jobs after canceling several projects earlier this year.
Cisco Makes 'Intuitive' Bet to Reconquer Networks
Mitch Wagner  
6/28/2017   4 comments
With its 'network intuitive' strategy, Cisco is looking to take control of enterprise networks in exchange for delivering security and massive business value.
Vapor IO's 'Project Volutus' Brings Cloud to the Edge
Scott Ferguson  
6/21/2017   Post a comment
Startup Vapor IO's new offering looks to use colocation services to bring the cloud closer to edge to power applications from connected cars to AI to virtual reality.
IoT Spending Will Reach $1.4T by 2021 Report
Scott Ferguson  
6/15/2017   2 comments
Global spending on all parts of the Internet of Things ecosphere will reach nearly $1.4 trillion within the next five years, according to IDC.
Is Apple's Car 'The Mother of All AI Projects'?
Scott Ferguson  
6/14/2017   7 comments
In an interview with Bloomberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook breathes new life into company's car rumors, calling the project the "mother of all AI projects."
Apple Tunes Up Siri & Cloud Services
Mitch Wagner  
6/5/2017   13 comments
Cloud services took center stage at Apple's annual spring product launch, with a new music speaker to rival Amazon Echo, as well as added cloud hooks in the new version of iOS.
Cisco Looks to Spin IoT Success out of Failure
Scott Ferguson  
5/24/2017   8 comments
Cisco is releasing a new IoT management platform that promises to fix the high rate of IoT failures. It's also partnering with Microsoft on edge computing.
Canonical Doubles Down on Enterprise Cloud, IoT
Scott Ferguson  
5/15/2017   4 comments
As Canonical prepares to make a bigger run at cloud and IoT, the head of its cloud business says the company is starting to grow up.
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The two companies are forming a joint venture to use blockchain to streamline international shipping.
CIO Rhonda Gass is spearheading an effort to bring more automation and IoT to the factories making Stanley Black & Decker tools and other equipment.
Salesforce's Einstein and IBM Watson are going steady, but Salesforce is also sneaking around with Google on the side.
The cloud and mainframe sales – yes, mainframe – helped reverse 22 straight quarters of revenue decline for IBM.
Amazon says its second headquarters will bring tens of thousands of jobs and billions in revenue to the lucky location selected, but skeptics worry that governments will give tax breaks and other incentives that negate the benefit to citizens.
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