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IBM & Maersk Set Sail With Blockchain
Mitch Wagner  
1/22/2018   Post a comment
The two companies are forming a joint venture to use blockchain to streamline international shipping.
Cisco Ex-Boss John Chambers Launches VC Firm & Praises Eating Insects
Mitch Wagner  
1/18/2018   5 comments
The former Cisco CEO and chairman has launched a VC firm with investments including Internet of Things, customer experience and this is where the bugs come in agritech.
Google Launches Security Dashboard for G Suite
Mitch Wagner  
1/17/2018   1 comment
The new security dashboard for G Suite provides analytics to spot potential threats, as well as tips on security best practices.
Comcast Taps Amazon As 'Preferred' Cloud Provider
Mitch Wagner  
1/16/2018   1 comment
Comcast is turning to Amazon Web Services as it looks to augment waning traditional pay-TV with added services such as home security and mobile access. But what does 'preferred' mean?
Google Cloud Offers Updates on Spectre & Meltdown Flaws
Scott Ferguson  
1/15/2018   1 comment
For the most part, Google Cloud has been able to mitigate the fallout from the Spectre and Meltdown flaws found in Intel's x86 processors, which says something about the resiliency of the cloud.
Cisco Plugs Encryption Hole in Network Security
Mitch Wagner  
1/10/2018   6 comments
Users are encrypting more and more network traffic -- but so are attackers. Cisco's new Encrypted Traffic Analytics aims to improve network security while preserving privacy.
Market Incentives Stacked Against Network Security US Government Report
Mitch Wagner  
1/9/2018   4 comments
Market incentives motivate companies to minimize cost and time to market rather than build for security. That needs to change, according to a draft report from the US departments of Commerce and Homeland Security.
'Spectre' & 'Meltdown' – What Cloud Users Need to Know
Mitch Wagner  
1/8/2018   5 comments
Don't forget to upgrade your browsers; vendors dispute reports of significant performance slowdowns due to patching; and containers and hypervisors don't get a free pass.
Intel: We've Patched Most Chips for 'Spectre' & 'Meltdown'
Mitch Wagner  
1/4/2018   19 comments
Intel is rapidly rolling out patches in the wake of serious security vulnerabilities affecting nearly every computer user in the world.
Intel Chip Vulnerability Sends Cloud Providers Into Patching Overdrive
Scott Ferguson  
1/4/2018   2 comments
After news of a significant vulnerability in Intel's processors was disclosed this week, AWS, Microsoft and Google had work to do.
Cisco Leads $113B Data Center Gear Market Report
Scott Ferguson  
1/4/2018   Post a comment
Cisco led the $113 billion data center infrastructure market in 2017, although the growing importance of public cloud is beginning to change how enterprises are buying traditional gear.
MIT Warns of Ransomware in the Cloud, Weaponized AI
Scott Ferguson  
1/3/2018   2 comments
In its security predictions for 2018, the MIT Technology Review warns of ransomware that targets clouds providers and weaponized artificial intelligence.
AWS Reportedly Eyeing Deal for Big Data Startup Sqrrl
Scott Ferguson  
12/19/2017   8 comments
AWS is reportedly eyeing a $40 million deal for Sqrrl, a big data startup that could help the cloud provider add more security.
HyTrust DataGravity Acquisition Bears Fruit for Cloud Security
Mitch Wagner  
12/19/2017   7 comments
HyTrust launched a software appliance to protect confidential data in the cloud, based on technology it acquired when it bought DataGravity this summer.
FCC Repeals Net Neutrality
Mitch Wagner  
12/14/2017   5 comments
The Federal Communications Commission ended net neutrality in a 3-2 party line vote.
White House Report Calls for Greater Federal Cloud Adoption
Scott Ferguson  
12/14/2017   2 comments
The Trump Administration is looking to revamp the IT infrastructure of the federal government, and the White House is now planning to rely more on cloud computing.
Juniper Automates to Speed Up Security
Mitch Wagner  
12/13/2017   1 comment
Juniper is providing software to help enterprise networks automatically react to changing security conditions, as well as visualize threat reports from multiple sources.
Cisco Study Finds an IoT Data Paradox
Scott Ferguson  
12/12/2017   3 comments
A Cisco study finds that people like Internet of Things devices, but they don't trust companies with all that data.
Microsoft Releases Quantum Development Kit & Programming Language
Scott Ferguson  
12/11/2017   1 comment
Microsoft outlined its quantum computing strategy at Ignite earlier this year, and Redmond has now released a development kit and a new programming language called Q#.
AWS GuardDuty Looks to Lock Down Cloud Security
Scott Ferguson  
12/1/2017   11 comments
At its re:Invent show in Las Vegas this week, Amazon Web Services is looking to expand its cloud security portfolio with a new featured dubbed GuardDuty.
Juniper Networks: For Sale or Not?
Scott Ferguson  
11/30/2017   3 comments
The Internet buzzed when Nokia reportedly was preparing a deal for Juniper Networks. Now, Nokia has denied those rumors, but Juniper could still be in play.
Can Cable Make Inroads With Enterprises?
Alan Breznick  
11/22/2017   2 comments
Cable operators continue to lure small and midsize firms. But can they duplicate the feat with large enterprises? Come find out.
Google Eyes More Data Center Space in Denmark
Scott Ferguson  
11/20/2017   8 comments
Google is buying land in Denmark for a new data center, which is likely to help the company with its cloud expansion, as well as GDPR.
Multicloud Can Lead to Management Nightmare Survey
Scott Ferguson  
11/17/2017   3 comments
A report commissioned by software provider BMC shows that the multicloud universise comes with its own set of management headaches.
Cisco's Q1 Beats Wall Street Expectations
Scott Ferguson  
11/15/2017   2 comments
Cisco beat Wall Street expectations during its first-quarter financial report, and the company claims that some of its technology bets, including security, are starting to pay off.
Microsoft Looks to Secure Clouds With 'Project Cerberus'
Scott Ferguson  
11/9/2017   5 comments
Microsoft's latest Open Compute Project offering is called 'Project Cerberus,' and looks to make clouds more secure by protecting the firmware of cloud servers.
Red Hat OpenStack Platform 12 Eyes Greater Container, Security Support
Scott Ferguson  
11/6/2017   Post a comment
At the OpenStack Summit in Australia, Red Hat is rolling out its OpenStack Platform 12, which emphasizes container and security support.
IBM Cloud Private Extends Big Blue's Hybrid Reach
Scott Ferguson  
11/1/2017   1 comment
IBM is already a leader in private cloud, and Big Blue's Cloud Private platform extends that reach deeper into the hybrid cloud marketplace.
Jupiter Cable Looks to Bolster Cloud Services With Help From Amazon, Facebook
Scott Ferguson  
10/31/2017   1 comment
The Jupiter undersea cable, which is being built by NTT with help from Amazon, Facebook and others, is looking to connect Asia with the US and boost the ability to deliver cloud services.
How the Cloud Can Secure the Internet of Things
Scott Ferguson  
10/30/2017   8 comments
The cloud and the Internet of Things are closely tied together. In a special report, Enterprise Cloud News looks at how the cloud is protecting IoT.
Cloud Native Computing Foundation Adopts 2 Security Projects
Scott Ferguson  
10/24/2017   2 comments
Best known as the home of Kubernetes, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation is also adopting two open source security projects designed to protect containers.
Cloud Security: Beware the 'Treacherous 12'
Mitch Wagner  
10/20/2017   2 comments
The cloud presents security threats that are different from on-premises IT.
AppDynamics Complementing Cisco's Intent-Based Networking Vision
Scott Ferguson  
10/19/2017   Post a comment
At its user show in New York City, AppDynamics executives offered a glimpse into how the company plans to integrate more with parent company Cisco.
John Muir Health Prescribes Hybrid Cloud
Mitch Wagner  
10/19/2017   4 comments
Associate CIO Bill Hudson wants to reduce the organization's data center to a size small enough to fit in his office.
ONUG Shifts Focus to Security, Analytics
Scott Ferguson  
10/18/2017   14 comments
ONUG wants to rebrand a bit and focus more on security and analytics going forward in an era of hybrid cloud.
Docker Climbs on the Kubernetes Train
Mitch Wagner  
10/17/2017   1 comment
Maybe the last significant container holdout to announce Kubernetes support?
Overhead Door Opens to Cloud Innovation
Mitch Wagner  
10/16/2017   Post a comment
The 96-year-old company has a hybrid estate, but sees the cloud as where future innovation is going.
Xerox CISO Readies Printers for IoT Era
Scott Ferguson  
10/16/2017   10 comments
Dr. Alissa Johnson, the CISO of Xerox, believes that printers are part of the IoT ecosystem, and that's where the security concerns start.
What's Blockchain Good For?
Mitch Wagner  
10/13/2017   15 comments
Sure, blockchain is over-hyped. But don't let that distract you from its practical value.
Google & Partners Secure 'Software Supply Chain'
Mitch Wagner  
10/12/2017   3 comments
The open source Grafeas and Kritis projects are designed for securing and certify modern, complex software rollouts.
Cloud Security Startup ShiftLeft De-Stealths
Mitch Wagner  
10/11/2017   1 comment
ShiftLeft's service scans application source code for normal behavior and detects and remdiates deviations that might indicate possible attacks.
Dell Putting Its Company Muscle Behind New IoT Strategy
Scott Ferguson  
10/10/2017   3 comments
Dell Technologies is looking to leverage all parts of the company as part of a big push into the Internet of Things.
Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Launch Blockchain Training Course
Scott Ferguson  
10/10/2017   Post a comment
The Linux Foundation, along with the Hyperledger Project, are launching a training and certification course for blockchain.
Splunk Fires Back at Oracle & 'Ludicrous Larry' Ellison
Mitch Wagner  
10/5/2017   1 comment
Oracle is fundamentally ignorant of the security market, Splunk says, after the Oracle chairman, chief technology officer and co-founder took aim at Splunk in a keynote address this week.
Oracle's Ellison: 'We Are Losing the Cyberwar'
Mitch Wagner  
10/4/2017   4 comments
Oracle's feisty co-founder says automation is required to fight off cyber attacks, and fortunately Oracle has just the tool to do it.
Google Steps Up Insider Threat Protection
Mitch Wagner  
10/3/2017   4 comments
'Custom roles' gives cloud administrators the ability to give users the permissions they need to do their jobs – and only those permissions.
Will AI Solve the IT Jobs Shortage?
Scott Ferguson  
10/2/2017   9 comments
Artificial intelligence is thought to be destroying jobs. However, Gartner analysts believe that the only way to fill important IT positions for security and IoT is through AI.
Oracle, SAP Clash on Blockchain
Mitch Wagner  
10/2/2017   9 comments
Oracle is offering blockchain as a cloud service, while SAP plans to integrate blockchain into its Internet of Things, manufacturing and digital supply chain solutions.
Oracle's Ellison: Amazon & SAP Use Our Database Because We're Better
Mitch Wagner  
10/2/2017   11 comments
Oracle OpenWorld attendees are rapt as Larry Ellison delivers Sunday's keynote.
Google's Cloud IoT Core Platform Moves to Public Beta
Scott Ferguson  
9/27/2017   10 comments
Google is moving its Cloud IoT Core management platform into public beta and adding new features.
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