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SAP Cloud Platform Solution Brief
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Read this brief to learn about SAP's cloud platform
SAP Cloud Platform Infographic
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Read to learn about SAP's cloud platform
SAP Cloud Platform
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Third party analysis by Constellation Research
The State of the Platform as a Service Market
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Uncover the trends driving broader adoption of cloud application platforms
The Multi-Cloud Maze: 5 Principles for Success
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Managing multiple platforms with various APIs and feature sets can dramatically increase operational overhead. Plus, delivering the same service level in multiple places with different controls and interfaces can make adopting new clouds difficult and expensive.
Software-Defined Branch: A New Foundation for the WAN and Branch IT
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The emergence of new digital and cloud transformation and the potential benefits they offer enterprises make it clear: The time has come for the hardware-defined branch to evolve to a Software-Defined (SD) Branch.
Ovum 2018 Trends to Watch: Cloud Computing
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In the past few years, the cloud has grown rapidly in breadth and depth, and many organizations have been seduced by its elasticity and opex model. As the use of the cloud continues to mature and becomes more strategic, the market in cloud computing will change in 2018 and beyond. Download this whitepaper to learn more and see what Ovum has identified as the five key trends for 2018.
Cloud Computing: The Secret Security Protector for IoT
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The Internet of Things is expected to become an integral part of the enterprise over the next five to ten years. However, securing hundreds or even thousands of connected devices is too big of a challenge for most enterprises. The cloud, though, is a secret weapon that can be used to bridge that gap. Here’s why you should let your IoT security concerns really be the concern of your cloud provider.
Case study: Global Oil Corporation
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Case study of Nuage Networks VNS SD-WAN solution at a global oil and gas exploration and production firm. Benefits include dramatically reduced WAN costs, reduced time to bring sites online, and improvements in security policy management.
Case study: Exponential-e
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Exponential-e is a British provider of cloud connectivity, business Internet, unified communications and IT services. This case study documents their deployment of the Nuage Networks VNS infrastructure as the foundation of their next generation SD-WAN cloud service.
SD-WAN: Answering the Demands of the Cloud-Based IT ecosystem
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A joint research report from IDG Research and Nuage Networks documents the need for SD-WAN solutions and the business benefits that can be achieved.
Case Study: Evolution of Wide Area Networking
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SD-WAN case study of a fictional enterprise documenting the business benefits they achieved with Nuage Networks.
Healthcare Faces the Promise & Perils of the Cloud
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For years, healthcare remained a paper-bound industry with file cabinets stuffed with records and patient information, and CT scans on slides that needed to be physically stored.
Private Cloud 101: Move at the Speed of Business
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With the cloud transforming application development and deployment—enabling organizations to improve flexibility, automate processes, and decrease time to market—some big questions remain. One of the most important issues an organization must address is how it can best employ the smarter tools and limitless scale that the cloud offers.
OVERRATED/UNDERRATED: 9 Cloud Technologies That are Under-Appreciated or Overhyped
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Cloud technology is revolutionary and transformative, but it's also overhyped. That's not surprising, given all the attention shining on the cloud. The cloud is changing nearly every aspect of business. But the marketing hype surrounding some aspects of cloud goes beyond all reason.
Mergers, Acquisitions & IPOs Are Rocking the Cloud
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As enterprises and investors pump billions of dollars into the cloud, the biggest cloud infrastructure players are jockeying for seats at the table, using spare funds to buy up smaller competitors.
Google’s Big Enterprise Cloud Bet
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In this special report, Enterprise Cloud News looks at the factors driving Google's successes and failures, and whether it's a good idea for enterprises to look to Google as a cloud partner.
Cloud Skills: What’s Hot?
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To help gain insight into the skills that are changing the way IT professionals work with the cloud, Enterprise Cloud News conducted a focused survey of enterprise cloud users in February 2017. The survey asked: “Which of these cloud skills are most important for 2017?” Readers were offered a chance to pick three skills they believed most important. Of the readers surveyed, 67 returned responses to the question.

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Google is buying the Internet of Things platform from LogMeIn, which bought Xively in 2014 for $12 million.
Despite a blockbuster fourth quarter, Wall Street was unhappy with Arista.
Zenedge protects against distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks and provides Web Application Firewall protection.
Juniper is looking to weave a smooth networking tapestry from branch, to campus, to data center, to public cloud – essential, the company says, for enterprises in the cloud era.
Cisco's new intent-based networking strategy helps the company break a two-year revenue decline.
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