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Oracle CEO Mark Hurd: Eventually, We'll Get Them All
News & Analysis  
3/22/2017   2 comments
Oracle's Mark Hurd sounds notes of long-term cloud optimism at Oracle Industry Connect 2017.
HPE: We're Not Dumping OpenStack & Cloud Foundry
News & Analysis  
3/22/2017   3 comments
Though HPE sold OpenStack and Cloud Foundry assets to SUSE this month, it says it's still committed to the technologies.
Cloud Upends Traditional Security Borders
News & Analysis  
3/21/2017   5 comments
Cloud computing, along with the mobile workforce it has created, is changing the way security works within the enterprise. Here's what IT should know about the challenges.
Blockchain: Can It Solve the Identity Crisis?
News & Analysis  
3/20/2017   4 comments
IBM and SecureKey are partnering on an identity application to help consumers prove their identity to banks, phone companies, real estate rental management and a variety of other businesses and government services.
SUSE Getting Into Platforms
News & Analysis  
3/17/2017   4 comments
After acquiring cloud assets from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, SUSE plans to branch out to offer platform-as-a-service technology later this year.
US Indictment Says Russian Spies Were Behind Yahoo Hack
News & Analysis  
3/16/2017   6 comments
Two officers of the Russian Federated Security Service (FSB) were among four people indicted for the 2014 hack of 500 million Yahoo accounts.
Oracle's Cloud Transition Pays Off
News & Analysis  
3/15/2017   3 comments
Cloud is poised to pass new software license revenue for Oracle, the company said in its quarterly earnings call.
Welcome to Enterprise Cloud News!
News & Analysis  
3/14/2017   6 comments
A new era in enterprise computing tech journalism.
Yahoo's Marissa Mayer Gets $23M Kiss-Off
News & Analysis  
3/13/2017   8 comments
Additionally, Yahoo Chief Revenue Officer Lisa Utzschneider gets $16.5 million walking-away money, and CFO Ken Goldman gets $9.5 million.
Microsoft, Salesforce Dominating SaaS Market, Report Finds
News & Analysis  
3/10/2017   6 comments
The SaaS market might not be growing at the same rate as IaaS and PaaS, but companies are still investing, and Microsoft and Salesforce are benefiting, according to a new report.
Google Takes Fight to Amazon, Microsoft & Cisco
News & Analysis  
3/9/2017   5 comments
Introduces new pricing options and collaboration tools to take the battle to the opposition.
Google: Still the New Kid in Enterprise Cloud
News & Analysis  
3/9/2017   3 comments
Google showed it's gaining fast in enterprise cloud, but it's still just getting started.
Google's Greene Swipes Amazon Over Outage
News & Analysis  
3/9/2017   13 comments
Google cloud boss Diane Green brags about Google Cloud Platform's reliability after Amazon went down for nearly half a day last week.
Microsoft, Qualcomm Bring ARM to Azure
News & Analysis  
3/8/2017   6 comments
Microsoft and Qualcomm are bringing ARM chips to the Azure cloud platform.
HPE Buying Nimble Storage for $1B
News & Analysis  
3/7/2017   Post a comment
HPE's acquisition streak continues with a $1 billion deal for Nimble Storage, a maker of flash storage.
Mainframe Cloud? That's Nuts!
News & Analysis  
3/7/2017   Post a comment
Insurer Chubb tapped IBM to move its Mad Men mainframe apps into the cloud era.
IBM's Quantum Computing Coming to the Cloud
News & Analysis  
3/6/2017   Post a comment
IBM is looking to commercialize its quantum computer offering with a new API and SDK, as well as cloud support.
Amazon Web Services Outage Caused by Typo
News & Analysis  
3/3/2017   2 comments
Keyboard error caused an estimated $150M+ outage this week.
Private Cloud Is Very Popular Yet Nobody's Doing It
News & Analysis  
3/1/2017   9 comments
On-premises server component sales are declining, even in the face of strong demand for on-premises cloud, Intel said.
VMware Wants to Lead CSPs to Enterprise Cloud
News & Analysis  
3/1/2017   Post a comment
Deploying NFV and IoT tools to help service providers deploy new revenue streams.
AWS S3 Goes Down, Internet Snow Day Declared
News & Analysis  
3/1/2017   5 comments
Eleven-hour outage hits S3 Storage, used by nearly 150,000 websites.
Cisco's Chuck Robbins Talks AppDynamics, Jasper at MWC
News & Analysis  
2/28/2017   Post a comment
Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins discusses Jasper a year after the acquisition, the recent AppDynamics deal, taxes, Trump and other topics.
Equinix Taking Storage to the Edge
News & Analysis  
2/28/2017   3 comments
Equinix is beefing up the storage capabilities at the edge of its network to serve Internet of Things and other applications requiring fast performance.
SAP Floats Apple Partnership, New Cloud Services
News & Analysis  
2/28/2017   1 comment
iPhones and iPads are SAP's first-choice mobile platform, as the company extends its cloud platform with new capabilities.
SAP Exec Trash-Talks Oracle: 'I Have Not Seen Them'
News & Analysis  
2/27/2017   Post a comment
SAP says Oracle is behind the times in the cloud, mirroring criticisms Oracle has leveled at SAP.
Cloud Rains on HPE Earnings
News & Analysis  
2/24/2017   13 comments
Net revenue is down to $11.4 billion for the quarter, and cloud is part of the problem.
Lawyers Ring Amazon's Chimes – Lawsuit Charges Trademark Ripoff
News & Analysis  
2/23/2017   5 comments
CafeX in New York says Amazon stole the name 'Chime' from its own videoconferencing product, introduced a year before Amazon's.
IBM, Northern Trust Team on Blockchain Security
News & Analysis  
2/22/2017   Post a comment
Northern Trust and IBM are looking to bring blockchain technology to the private equity market.
Enterprise Cloud Requires Cloud-Like Carriers – Riverbed
News & Analysis  
2/22/2017   Post a comment
Carriers need to be able do deliver services that cross geographic boundaries, at the network core or on the edge, the vendor says.
Public Cloud Spending Will Hit $122B in 2017 – Report
News & Analysis  
2/21/2017   1 comment
Public cloud spending will increase nearly 25% this year, IDC reports, with most of that money going toward SaaS.
Salesforce Says Turn Your Head & Cough
News & Analysis  
2/20/2017   Post a comment
Salesforce is rolling out new cloud services for healthcare providers.
Arista Passes $1B in Sales
News & Analysis  
2/17/2017   4 comments
Facing competition from Cisco, Arista posted solid financial results for the fourth quarter, as well as for 2016.
Hybrid Cloud Gains in Popularity, Survey Finds
News & Analysis  
2/16/2017   1 comment
RightScale's annual cloud report shows hybrid and public cloud deployments are gaining strength at the expense of private cloud.
Dell Eyes Mid-Market With Hybrid Cloud Offering
News & Analysis  
2/16/2017   Post a comment
Dell EMC is integrating its hybrid cloud platform to its VxRail appliance with an eye toward mid-market businesses.
Cisco Q2 Earnings Show Company's Ongoing Transition
News & Analysis  
2/15/2017   1 comment
Cisco managed to beat the Street during its second quarter, but the company is still trying to move into a new direction.
Always 'Just Around the Corner,' AI Finally Arrives
News & Analysis  
2/15/2017   2 comments
AI has perpetually been tomorrow's technology, but now it has arrived, bringing opportunities for enterprises, cloud providers and service providers, says Heavy Reading Analyst Steve Bell.
IBM, VMware Cement Cloud Partnership
News & Analysis  
2/14/2017   Post a comment
IBM will now distribute VMware's Cloud Foundation and other cloud products through channel partners.
Amazon Chime Targets Skype, WebEx
News & Analysis  
2/14/2017   Post a comment
Amazon is offering its Chime UC products as an alternative to Skype and WebEx.
Security Concerns Muddy Cloud Progress
News & Analysis  
2/13/2017   Post a comment
A report from Intel finds that trust in cloud computing has increased, but there are plenty of security concerns and a lack of cybersecurity skills.
Oracle Beefs Up IoT Cloud
News & Analysis  
2/13/2017   Post a comment
Introduces new services to help enterprises monitor equipment, factories, fleets and employee movements.
NASA Cloud Computing: Security Concerns Hover
News & Analysis  
2/10/2017   1 comment
The space agency's Office of Inspector General releases a report about NASA's bad cloud habits that are creating unnecessary risk.
Snap Commits $1B to AWS
News & Analysis  
2/9/2017   Post a comment
In addition to a $2 billion contract with Google's cloud, Snap is buying $1 billion worth of services from AWS.
Forcepoint Boosts Cloud Security With Acquisition
News & Analysis  
2/9/2017   Post a comment
Forcepoint has bought Imperva's Skyfence business to bolster its cloud security portfolio.
Microsoft Azure Offers Patent Troll Protection
News & Analysis  
2/8/2017   Post a comment
Microsoft is offering customers access to the company's IP to fight patent trolls through a program called Azure IP Advantage.
Evernote Gives Itself High Fives, Completes Migration to Google Cloud
News & Analysis  
2/8/2017   4 comments
The note-taking service migrated more than 4 petabytes of data from its own data centers to the public cloud.
Rackspace Cutting 6% of US Workforce
News & Analysis  
2/8/2017   3 comments
Facing a slowdown in some of its business units, Rackspace is cutting about 6% of its US workforce.
Workday Delivers Amazon as Latest Customer
News & Analysis  
2/7/2017   2 comments
Workday scored a major cloud victory by picking up Amazon as its latest customer for its Human Capital Management software.
IBM Launches Dubai Blockchain Deal With du
News & Analysis  
2/7/2017   Post a comment
Initiative aims to use blockchain to keep track of finances and logistics for import and re-export of goods and services into the busy port city.
Juniper Co-Founder Sindhu Steps Back
News & Analysis  
2/6/2017   Post a comment
Juniper co-founder Pradeep Sindhu says he's stepping aside as CTO to focus on his position as CEO of a new startup, Fungible, which is working on cloud data centers.
Stratoscale Acquires DBaaS Startup Tesora
News & Analysis  
2/6/2017   Post a comment
The acquisition allows Stratoscale to add database cloud services to its portfolio.
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