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Cisco Declares a New Era of Intent-Based Networking
News & Analysis  
6/20/2017   3 comments
Intent-based networking, which turns the network into one intelligent, automated system, is ready for prime time, and Cisco wants to lead the pack in making it a commercial reality.
Wasting Money on Cloud: 6 Ways to Stop
News & Analysis  
6/19/2017   Post a comment
Cloud computing is being sold as a major cost saver for IT, but it's easier than you think to waste your budget on the cloud. Here are six steps to stop the bleeding and boost your bottom line.
CIOs Need to Get Real About Security in the Cloud
News & Analysis  
6/12/2017   1 comment
It's easy to be into a panic over security, especially when cyber attacks such as WannaCry dominate the headlines. However, smart CIOs know that security in the cloud requires a real plan.
VMware's Cloud Momentum Continues in Q1
News & Analysis  
6/1/2017   Post a comment
VMware ups its 2018 sales forecasts as a strategy built on hybrid clouds and cross-cloud architectures continues to bear fruit.
5 Facts About Cloud Service Brokers
News & Analysis  
5/30/2017   3 comments
The middleman has gotten a bad rep lately. In the cloud business, however, your middleman cloud services broker might be the best thing that's ever happened to the enterprise. Here's why.
Forcepoint Takes Cloud Security Beyond the Perimeter
News & Analysis  
5/24/2017   5 comments
Uses analytics to find individuals – and malware masquerading as individuals – that threaten the organization.
Java Inventor Gosling Flies to Amazon
News & Analysis  
5/23/2017   3 comments
The former Sun, Google and disgruntled Oracle employee jumps ship to AWS.
Facebook Flexes Networking Muscles
News & Analysis  
5/22/2017   9 comments
Facebook is bulking up its network to meet bandwidth demands of its hungry, growing user base.
Killing Cloud Giants: 4 Reasons to Consider Smaller Service Providers
News & Analysis  
5/22/2017   1 comment
AWS, Azure and Google all get the headlines, but enterprises should take a hard look at what smaller cloud providers can provide. Here are four points to consider.
SDN Means 'Speed Da Network' for Cloud Provider Navisite
News & Analysis  
5/17/2017   Post a comment
In the cloud, network agility often lags compute and storage. Cloud provider Navisite is looking to fix that.
3 Lessons for Building Cloud Services Teams
News & Analysis  
5/16/2017   1 comment
As the cloud changes business, IT leaders need to rethink how their teams are deployed. Here's why a 'cloud services team' is one answer worth considering.
Console Connect Targets Cloud Lock-In
News & Analysis  
5/16/2017   1 comment
The company's CloudNexus network for enterprise cloud connectivity gains the capability for efficiently moving data between clouds, as well as new automation features.
Land Rover Jaguar: 'Driven by IT'
News & Analysis  
5/15/2017   21 comments
From virtual reality to autonomous cars, IT is driving change at Land Rover Jaguar and the entire automotive industry.
Augmented Reality Gets to Work
News & Analysis  
5/12/2017   26 comments
It's not just for fun and games – virtual reality and augmented reality have potential to increase productivity.
Royal Bank of Scotland Banks On Cloud
News & Analysis  
5/11/2017   3 comments
After a tough few years of financial crises and service outages, RBS is looking to IT and cloud to help drive transformation.
Payphone? What's a Payphone?
News & Analysis  
5/10/2017   8 comments
Tech business consultant Jordan Howard inadvertently became an example of what she was trying to describe when she forgot the word for 'payphone.'
How Dell Absorbed EMC Into the Cloud
News & Analysis  
5/9/2017   4 comments
Dell described how it will use assets from its traditional business and last year's EMC acquisition to address the enterprise cloud market.
Michael Dell: We're Seeing Public Cloud 'Boomerang Effect'
News & Analysis  
5/8/2017   2 comments
Companies that go all in on public cloud are missing out on optimization and efficiency, says Dell Technologies honcho. Of course he has to say that.
Employees & the Cloud: 3 Ways to Nurture IT Talent
News & Analysis  
5/8/2017   1 comment
The cloud is changing the enterprise, as well the employees who work within it. It's time to change the way your business develops and nurtures its IT talent.
Domino's Cloud Service Switches Off Lawn Sprinklers for Delivery Guy
News & Analysis  
5/5/2017   2 comments
At Domino's, PaaS stands for pizza-as-a-service.
OpenStack's Dead & Mirantis Dumped It? Not According to Vodafone
News & Analysis  
5/5/2017   2 comments
Vodafone will use Mirantis OpenStack for its Vodafone Ocean cloud.
Rackspace CEO Rhodes Hits the Road
News & Analysis  
5/3/2017   2 comments
Rhodes is taking a gig as CEO of an unnamed smaller company, as Rackspace President Jeff Cotten steps in as acting CEO.
Cloud Drives Infosys Plan to Bring 10K Jobs To US
News & Analysis  
5/3/2017   3 comments
In the face of criticism from President Donald Trump that Infosys and other outsourcing firms are taking jobs from Americans, Infosys plans to open four tech and innovation hubs in the US, starting in Indiana.
IBM Scoops Up Cloud Assets From Verizon
News & Analysis  
5/2/2017   8 comments
IBM is using Verizon assets to build out its strategic cloud business.
Red Hat Looks to Take the Pain From Kubernetes & Containers
News & Analysis  
5/2/2017   2 comments
In a bid to broaden its appeal, Red Hat introduced, a free online development environment to simplify Kubernetes and containers.
Cisco Looks to $610M Viptela Acquisition to Simplify SD-WAN
News & Analysis  
5/1/2017   1 comment
Viptela provides cloud-based SD-WAN that's designed to be easy to manage, complementing Cisco's existing IWAN and Meraki SD-WAN services.
Seven-Plus Risks & Barriers to Cloud Migration
News & Analysis  
5/1/2017   Post a comment
Failure to plan strategically and siloed execution are among the pitfalls that can handicap cloud deployments, according to practitioners responsible for some of the biggest cloud deployments around.
Google's Pichai: Cloud's One of Our 'Biggest Bets'
News & Analysis  
4/28/2017   14 comments
Google executives talked up the cloud on its earnings call this week, though the company declined to provide specifics.
Microsoft Wants Azure to Blur the Enterprise Edge
News & Analysis  
4/27/2017   4 comments
Azure doubles sales again in Q1, as officials play up their plans to blur the cloud/enterprise border with Azure Stack and SQL Server 2017.
GE Builds 'Digital Twins' for Industrial IoT
News & Analysis  
4/27/2017   5 comments
Collecting data from industrial devices to build digital models tests the limits of networking and cloud.
Gap's Tech Motto: 'Change or Die'
News & Analysis  
4/27/2017   8 comments
As established retailers face a die-off, Gap Inc. looks to technology to survive and thrive.
Bloomberg: Networking & Security Are Easy
News & Analysis  
4/26/2017   5 comments
Truman Boyes, head of networking for the Bloomberg office of the CTO, also isn't fond of firewalls or SNMP.
Containers Vs. VMs: Where Should IT Pros Puts Their Money?
News & Analysis  
4/26/2017   2 comments
The rise of container technology has pushed virtual machines and hypervisors to the side. However, containers can't solve all your cloud problems. Here's what IT should know.
eBay Looks to Kubernetes to Bridge Dev & Ops
News & Analysis  
4/25/2017   2 comments
Kubernetes solves multiple technology problems for the company's private cloud.
4 Fantastic OpenStack Lessons From Yahoo
News & Analysis  
4/25/2017   31 comments
Yahoo builds on OpenStack to deliver cloud infrastructure for services utilized by 1 billion users. Here's what the company has learned.
Docker Users: Tales of Triumph & Woe
News & Analysis  
4/25/2017   8 comments
Mostly triumph. But Docker adoption isn't without its bumps, as speakers shared at DockerCon 2017 in Austin.
Why Evernote Picked Google Cloud Over Amazon
News & Analysis  
4/24/2017   20 comments
The answer comes down to five little words.
Slideshow: DockerCon Descends on Austin
News & Analysis  
4/24/2017   7 comments
Stickers, swingsets and sweeeet doughnuts: DockerCon 2017 in Austin was way too much fun.
Mirantis Pivots as OpenStack Loses 'Wow Factor'
News & Analysis  
4/21/2017   5 comments
The company formerly known as the 'pure-play OpenStack company' now embraces Kubernetes – and a new slogan.
Amazon's Jassy Throws Punches at Oracle
News & Analysis  
4/19/2017   3 comments
Hits the enterprise software vendor on lock-in and portability.
Docker Will Retrofit Old Enterprise Apps
News & Analysis  
4/19/2017   Post a comment
Docker is showing off a new service that helps businesses move old apps to containers in less than a week.
Legacy Business Still Dragging IBM Down
News & Analysis  
4/18/2017   4 comments
Non-cloud legacy business down, cloud and other 'strategic imperatives' up – same song IBM sings every quarter since it seems like forever.
Docker Wants You to Customize the Ecosystem
News & Analysis  
4/18/2017   Post a comment
New Docker projects let developers build their own Linux OS and customize their own container ecosystems.
How Evernote Made the Transition to Google Cloud – Find Out Thursday
News & Analysis  
4/18/2017   Post a comment
At Enterprise Cloud News's inaugural webinar, you can find out how the information service made the journey from its own data center to Google Cloud.
VMware Damns OpenStack With Faint Praise
News & Analysis  
4/18/2017   4 comments
The open source cloud platform is losing momentum but is still useful, says Guido Appenzeller, VMware CTO for cloud and networking.
CIOs: Stop Worrying & Learn to Love the Cloud
News & Analysis  
4/17/2017   1 comment
Resisting the cloud and SaaS took power away from CIOs and IT. Here's how embracing the technology can help get it back.
How Google Is Challenging Amazon
News & Analysis  
4/17/2017   1 comment
Cost-cutting vs. business transformation is a false choice. That's where Google comes in – it says.
Amazon's Bezos: 3 Keys to Business Success
News & Analysis  
4/14/2017   4 comments
Bezos advises companies on how to preserve 'Day 1' culture into maturity.
Amazon's Cloud Honcho Gets Way More Pay Than His Boss
News & Analysis  
4/13/2017   3 comments
So that's awkward when they bump into each other in the coffee room.
Rancher Launches Tiny Linux Distro
News & Analysis  
4/12/2017   3 comments
The OS underlying Rancher's container management platform goes GA as a stripped-down Linux distribution with containers in mind.
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