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Huawei Takes On AWS, Google in Public Cloud
Mitch Wagner  
4/11/2017   Post a comment
Huawei will work with telco partners on cloud services, as well as possibly launching its own public cloud platform.
Rackspace: OpenStack's Death Is #FakeNews
Mitch Wagner  
4/6/2017   2 comments
Unlike the parrot in the Monty Python sketch, OpenStack is not dead.
Killed By the Cloud
Mitch Wagner  
3/31/2017   8 comments
A little online community called can't keep up with cloud economics.
I Skipped Google's Cloud Conference to Ride the Hotel Elevator All Day
Mitch Wagner  
3/29/2017   13 comments
'Shabby chic' was the design motif at my hotel. Great elevator, though.
SAS Warns Enterprises to Be Careful of Open Source – It's Satan's Playground
Mitch Wagner  
3/27/2017   4 comments
SAS warns that a little open source is OK but too much will send you straight to the bad place.
IBM's Watson Tracking IoT, Fighting Twitter Trolls
Mitch Wagner  
3/23/2017   14 comments
IBM makes a deal with AT&T to use Watson for Internet of Things analytics, and Twitter describes how it's using Watson to combat abuse.
Is Google's Big Enterprise Bet Paying Off?
Mitch Wagner  
3/23/2017   4 comments
Is Google on track to hit its self-proclaimed goal of cloud revenue exceeding ad revenue by 2020? Enterprise Cloud News looks at the chances in a special report.
Is Oracle Right? Is Security in the Cloud a Solved Problem?
Mitch Wagner  
3/23/2017   13 comments
Oracle says its cloud is more secure than enterprise on-premises infrastructure. Are they just blowing smoke?
A Brief History of Cloud Computing
Mitch Wagner  
3/15/2017   4 comments
It's a great new idea that goes back a ways.
Nice to See at Least One CSP Taking My Advice
Mitch Wagner  
2/17/2017   7 comments
Colt is focusing on connectivity. Other telcos should follow its good example.
RIP Twitter. It's Walking Dead
Mitch Wagner  
2/10/2017   23 comments
Not even Donald Trump can make Twitter profitable. Twitter is out of time to turn things around.
Can We Outrun the AI Job-Apocalypse?
Mitch Wagner  
2/6/2017   16 comments
While some experts predict AI will take all the jobs, others say technology creates more jobs than it destroys.
Will Amazon Buy Twitter?
Mitch Wagner  
1/3/2017   8 comments
It would give Amazon an opportunity to expand its technology/media empire – and stick it to Donald Trump. What's not to like?
Twitter's the Next Hypercloud Star (No Joke)
Mitch Wagner  
9/28/2016   3 comments
Like Amazon before it, Twitter's core strength might be its platform rather than the service it's best known for.
What People Don't Get About Open Source
Mitch Wagner  
8/17/2016   1 comment
Can you believe people still think open source isn't fit for business?
Cisco Faces Up to Hypercloud Threat
Mitch Wagner  
7/13/2016   Post a comment
Facebook, Amazon and Google mostly don't buy branded technology for their networks – they build their own. That's a threat to Cisco – is it up to the challenge?
Welcome to Light Reading Enterprise Cloud
Mitch Wagner  
4/28/2016   7 comments
Light Reading brings you the latest news, information and insights about clouds for the enterprise. Yes, the enterprise.
Apple: Cloud Shines Light in Financial Gloom
Mitch Wagner  
4/27/2016   4 comments
While everything else declined, cloud services grew revenue briskly in Apple's most recent quarterly earnings.
Google Practical Joke Goes Horribly Wrong
Mitch Wagner  
4/1/2016   12 comments
Who could have anticipated that people wouldn't like having practical jokes added to their email.?

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Microsoft, Google, IBM, Alibaba and Oracle might have grown more in the first quarter of 2017, but AWS remains in a class by itself in the public cloud market.
Amazon released its first-quarter financial results on April 27. Although AWS once again slowed a bit, the company's public cloud platform is still pulling in impressive amounts of money for the retail giant.
Changes in how enterprises and their IT departments are using the cloud has Cisco thinking about where multicloud is and where it's going.
Oracle is continuing to build out what it can offer in the cloud and it's adding artificial intelligence to its Customer Experience cloud.
IBM is opening data centers in Dallas and Washington DC as part of its cloud plans for 2017.
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