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Blockchain-Powered Cloud Dreams Face Barriers
Mitch Wagner  
8/9/2017   1 comment
Startups Filecoin and have big plans to build peer-to-peer cloud platforms powered by blockchain, but they'll face technical and regulatory obstacles.
Startups Plan Peer-to-Peer Clouds, Funded & Enabled by Blockchain
Mitch Wagner  
8/8/2017   2 comments
Filecoin and are both raising money using funding mechanisms based on blockchain, to build cloud infrastructures enabled by blockchain.
Nyansa Helps IT Fight Complaints
Mitch Wagner  
8/7/2017   2 comments
Updates to Nyansa's Voyance service help tech support diagnose problems brought on by BYOD and network complexity.
Arista Surges 20% on Earnings Blowout
Mitch Wagner  
8/4/2017   1 comment
Arista stock leaped upward on Friday after reporting fantastic quarterly results, driven in part by Microsoft and other cloud customers.
Is Twitter Pivoting to Live Video?
Mitch Wagner  
8/4/2017   9 comments
COO Anthony Noto, nicknamed the 'wartime CEO,' wants to turn the social network into a 24x7 live video platform.
AppViewX Debuts Tools for App Automation, Orchestration
Mitch Wagner  
8/3/2017   2 comments
The AppViewX platform is designed to automate manual processes and save valuable time in hybrid cloud deployments.
Apple Defends China VPN Ban
Mitch Wagner  
8/2/2017   3 comments
Apple banned unlicensed VPN apps from its Chinese App Store in compliance with local law, as it does in all countries it does business in, CEO Tim Cook said Tuesday.
Apple Responds to Trump, Touts 2M US Jobs
Mitch Wagner  
8/1/2017   9 comments
While President Donald Trump says Apple CEO Tim Cook promised to build three manufacturing plants in the US, Cook claims Apple has created 2 million jobs.
Apple Shines in Cloud & Enterprise
Mitch Wagner  
8/1/2017   9 comments
Cloud services revenue hit an all-time record for Apple in quarterly results announced Tuesday, as the company also touted strong enterprise gains.
Rackspace Tightens Amazon Embrace
Mitch Wagner  
8/1/2017   1 comment
Rackspace is broadening its professional services and tools for large enterprise cloud migration to AWS.
S-Net Taps SD-WAN for Cloud Voice & Data
Mitch Wagner  
8/1/2017   1 comment
S-Net is looking to provide low cost and flexibility for its cloud voice and data enterprise customers.
Comic-Con Photos: That's Not a Costume. It's Actually a Cat
Mitch Wagner  
7/31/2017   11 comments
Enterprise Cloud News editor Mitch Wagner takes a day off to see the sights at Comic-Con.
Will Automation Take All the IT Jobs?
Mitch Wagner  
7/28/2017   11 comments
If maintenance and operations require fewer workers, where do all those workers go?
AWS Engine Pulls the Amazon Train in Q2
Mitch Wagner  
7/27/2017   14 comments
With 42% year-over-year growth, AWS is the fastest-growing part of Amazon's business.
Cloud Networking Pioneer Big Switch Scores $30.7M Funding
Mitch Wagner  
7/27/2017   2 comments
Brings the total to $120 million for the SDN specialist.
Allstate Learns to Innovate With the Cloud
Mitch Wagner  
7/27/2017   5 comments
The 86-year-old insurer faces competition from online upstarts, and has had to learn to innovate.
Microsoft Fires Shot at Google With Containers
Mitch Wagner  
7/26/2017   1 comment
Enterprise container support in Azure hits Google Cloud Platform close to home.
Juniper Teases Possible Acquisitions in Cloud Security, SD-WAN
Mitch Wagner  
7/25/2017   2 comments
The networking vendor is doing well in quarterly earnings, driven by cloud growth.
Google Launches Fight Club for AI Security
Mitch Wagner  
7/25/2017   9 comments
A Google competition pits machine learning attackers against machine learning defenders to strengthen security.
Google Growth Driven by Enterprise Cloud & Machine Learning
Mitch Wagner  
7/24/2017   5 comments
Google claims its drive to diversify beyond ad revenue is paying off, although its Q2 earnings didn't include specifics about growth in cloud or machine learning.
Veritas Looks to Stop Data Running Wild
Mitch Wagner  
7/19/2017   2 comments
Veritas is introducing a suite of services for data management, backup, compliance and more, across the cloud and on premises.
Startup TidalScale Scales Up Commodity Servers
Mitch Wagner  
7/18/2017   Post a comment
While commodity servers are great for scaling out, they don't scale up. TidalScale is looking to fix that.
Cisco Live Photos: Dress for Success in a Company Onesie
Mitch Wagner  
7/17/2017   4 comments
Warning: pork contains pork.
IBM Watson Faces Tough Road – Analyst
Mitch Wagner  
7/13/2017   4 comments
A 'hefty services component,' competition for AI talent and slender returns on investment are obstacles for IBM's AI initiatives, according to a note from Jefferies.
IBM Automates IT Services With Watson
Mitch Wagner  
7/13/2017   Post a comment
IBM is looking to Watson to help enterprises streamline IT operations.
Alphabet Launches Investment Fund for AI Startups
Mitch Wagner  
7/12/2017   5 comments
Startups will get access to Google funding and expertise for building AI.
Google Revs Container Engine for Security & Enterprise Apps
Mitch Wagner  
7/12/2017   3 comments
Kubernetes-based Google Container Engine is adding security, scalability, extensibility and hybrid networking features for enterprise and developer appeal.
Cisco Looks to Allay Cloud Bill Shock
Mitch Wagner  
7/11/2017   3 comments
New management tools for the Unified Computing System server are designed to let users get a better handle on projected cloud costs.
Ex-Twitter Engineers Score $10.5M for Cloud Startup Buoyant
Mitch Wagner  
7/11/2017   4 comments
Buoyant builds the open source Linkerd project, providing an infrastructure for communications between cloud-native applications.
HyTrust Acquires DataGravity & Grabs $36M Funding for Cloud Security
Mitch Wagner  
7/11/2017   2 comments
The acquisition enhances HyTrust's cloud security portfolio, adding data visibility to the vendor's existing virtual machine capabilities.
9 Most Overhyped or Under-Appreciated Cloud Technologies
Mitch Wagner  
7/10/2017   2 comments
Some technologies are getting ridiculous praise, and others don't get enough love. Find out which are which in Enterprise Cloud News' latest special report.
Microsoft Changes CIOs in March to Cloud
Mitch Wagner  
7/9/2017   Post a comment
Longtime Microsoft vet Kurt DelBene is taking the reins from Jim DuBois, following the layoff of thousands of salespeople as part of Microsoft's cloud strategy.
Cisco's 'Network Intuitive': A Risky Transition
Mitch Wagner  
7/7/2017   1 comment
Cisco's vision of fully automated networks is a necessary step, but it's a bold one, and the vendor may have a tough time bringing customers along.
Unnecessary Photo of a Live Piglet Eating at a Restaurant Table
Mitch Wagner  
7/7/2017   4 comments
The best email we've ever gotten at Enterprise Cloud News.
Microsoft Cutting Jobs in Shift to Cloud
Mitch Wagner  
7/6/2017   11 comments
The company is reportedly chopping 3,000 heads in sales, mostly in Europe, as cloud takes up more of its business.
Programmer Secretly Automates Most of His Own Job – Is That Wrong?
Mitch Wagner  
7/6/2017   12 comments
He's secretly figured out how to do his full-time, 40-hour job in one to two hours per week, and wants to know if he's cheating his employer.
Open Source Is Like a Puppy, Says Platform9 CEO
Mitch Wagner  
7/5/2017   8 comments
Open source is appealing but it's a lot of work.
Evernote Founder Dreams of Digital Immortality
Mitch Wagner  
7/5/2017   7 comments
Stepan Pachikov sees the cloud note-taking app he created as a step in the direction of uploading all our memories to AI.
Is Microsoft Planning Reorg Around Cloud?
Mitch Wagner  
6/30/2017   12 comments
To intensify its focus on the cloud, Microsoft plans a global sales reorganization and job cuts, according to reports.
Startup Platform9 Scores $22M Funding for Cloud Management
Mitch Wagner  
6/30/2017   2 comments
Four-year-old Platform9 supports OpenStack and Kubernetes enterprise cloud management.
Microsoft's Cloudyn Buy Boosts Multi-Cloud Strategy
Mitch Wagner  
6/29/2017   2 comments
Microsoft bought Cloudyn, which helps enterprises contain costs of running applications on Microsoft and competitors' clouds.
Cisco & Microsoft Are Collaborating: Arista Should Be Worried
Mitch Wagner  
6/29/2017   3 comments
Cisco and Microsoft are working on standardized APIs that marry the performance and resilience of Cisco switches with the flexibility of white box equipment. And Microsoft is Arista's biggest customer.
Cisco Makes 'Intuitive' Bet to Reconquer Networks
Mitch Wagner  
6/28/2017   4 comments
With its 'network intuitive' strategy, Cisco is looking to take control of enterprise networks in exchange for delivering security and massive business value.
Cisco, Microsoft, in 'Major,' Mysterious Cloud Deal
Mitch Wagner  
6/28/2017   5 comments
Microsoft and Cisco are in a deal involving Nexus switches on Azure. We don't know a whole lot more.
Apple Hugs Cisco in Big Enterprise Push
Mitch Wagner  
6/26/2017   7 comments
The two companies are partnering to pitch themselves as the secure platform for enterprise networking.
Deluxe Corp. Checks In With Private Cloud
Mitch Wagner  
6/26/2017   18 comments
Billion-dollar Deluxe Corp. is leveraging a private cloud to transform from check-printing to a full suite of services for financial companies.
Google vs. Apple: When Your Computer Breaks, Where Are You Better Off?
Mitch Wagner  
6/26/2017   23 comments
Hardware always fails. When the inevitable failure comes, are you better off storing your data in Apple iCloud or Google Cloud?
Amazon Says Walmart Bullies Vendors Off AWS Cloud
Mitch Wagner  
6/22/2017   18 comments
Walmart is pushing some of its vendors to find alternatives to Amazon Web Services. Amazon says that's bullying.
Oracle Earnings Soar on Cloud Growth
Mitch Wagner  
6/21/2017   2 comments
Software-as-a-service (SaaS) topped $1 billion for the first time, with strong growth in platform- and infrastructure-as-a-service (PaaS and IaaS) as well.
Liberty Mutual Aspires to Be 'Software Company That Sells Insurance'
Mitch Wagner  
6/21/2017   11 comments
It's a familiar problem: Developing solutions with proprietary technology just takes too long, and IT faces pressure from customers and users to get more agile. Liberty Mutual turned to Cloud Foundry for results.
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