Mitch Wagner
Content posted in August 2017
Juniper Snapping Up Cyphort for Security
Mitch Wagner  
8/31/2017   2 comments
Cyphort provides analytics for threat defense, and Juniper plans to use the assets to bolster on-premises and cloud security.
Louisiana Overcomes Change Resistance for Cloud Journey
Mitch Wagner  
8/31/2017   2 comments
The state government is used to the old way of doing things, but the Office of Technology Services sees it's time to change.
Sysco Looks to Multi-Cloud for Digital Transformation
Mitch Wagner  
8/30/2017   8 comments
The food logistics company has ambitions beyond just 'moving things around at a very low cost.'
VMware & Google Hook Up Kubernetes for Enterprise
Mitch Wagner  
8/29/2017   1 comment
Fresh off a deal with Amazon, VMware is connecting with Google and Pivotal to help enterprises deploy container applications compatible with Google Cloud Platform.
Juniper Secures Cloud-Native Apps
Mitch Wagner  
8/29/2017   2 comments
Juniper Contrail Security protects apps built on microservices.
VMware Debuts Multi-Cloud Management Services
Mitch Wagner  
8/28/2017   1 comment
Provides tools to manage and secure applications on-prem and in public clouds without getting in the way of developers and users.
VMware Launches Amazon Cloud Support
Mitch Wagner  
8/28/2017   2 comments
VMware Cloud for AWS supports vSphere, VSAN and NSX on Amazon Web Services.
'Hey! You Got Public Cloud on My Premises!'
Mitch Wagner  
8/25/2017   13 comments
Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, Google and other vendors are mixing on-prem and public cloud technologies, hoping they go together like peanut butter and chocolate.
ZeroStack Propels 'Self-Driving Cloud'
Mitch Wagner  
8/24/2017   1 comment
With a new CEO, ZeroStack is looking to make on-premises infrastructure as hassle-free as public cloud.
Google & Walmart Take the Fight to Amazon
Mitch Wagner  
8/23/2017   12 comments
Consumers will be able to order Walmart merchandise through Google Assistant.
Forward Launches Freemium Service for Network Visibility
Mitch Wagner  
8/23/2017   1 comment
In addition to launching the new service, Forward scored $16 million in funding.
Druva Scores $80M Funding for Cloud Data Protection
Mitch Wagner  
8/22/2017   Post a comment
Total warchest now about $200 million for the cloud data protection and management specialist.
Google Polishes Chromebooks for Enterprise
Mitch Wagner  
8/22/2017   6 comments
Google debuts Chrome Enterprise to enhance enterprise security and management for Chromebooks and other Chrome devices.
Cisco Beefs Up Security, Management for Spark Collaboration
Mitch Wagner  
8/21/2017   4 comments
Adds end-to-end encryption with on-prem key storage, analytics and mobile device management.
Cisco Takes Networking Fight to Amazon, Microsoft & Google
Mitch Wagner  
8/21/2017   2 comments
Enterprises will be able to manage software-defined networks on premises or in AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform using Cisco native ACI tools.
CoreOS Adds Microsoft Azure Support for Kubernetes
Mitch Wagner  
8/17/2017   1 comment
Azure support is designed to help enterprises avoid cloud vendor lock-in.
Druva Debuts Protection for Cloud Data
Mitch Wagner  
8/17/2017   1 comment
Druva is launching a suite of backup, security and governance services to help enterprises take back control they lose when they move data to the cloud.
Microsoft Introduces 'Event Grid' to Automate Azure Serverless Computing
Mitch Wagner  
8/16/2017   2 comments
New service helps enterprise write serverless apps more quickly, and let them make more efficient and less expensive use of cloud resources.
What Lies Ahead for Enterprise Cloud?
Mitch Wagner  
8/16/2017   6 comments
With the work year gearing up as the summer winds down, what can we expect from enterprise cloud? Find out on our webinar Tuesday, August 22.
FICO, a Premier OpenStack User, Goes to the AWS Dark Side
Mitch Wagner  
8/15/2017   4 comments
FICO is looking to AWS for global reach, security and features such as serverless computing and container report, says the financial services company, as OpenStack advocates cringe.
Buzzword Bingo: What the Heck Is Digital Transformation?
Mitch Wagner  
8/14/2017   3 comments
Digital transformation: It's not just a meaningless marketing phrase.
'Ladysplaining' Ex-Googler's Anti-Women Memo
Mitch Wagner  
8/11/2017   18 comments
Why James Damore, who was fired from Google for writing an anti-women memo, is more than just your average dumb monkey with a keyboard.
Microsoft Serves Coco-Flavored Blockchain for Enterprise
Mitch Wagner  
8/11/2017   1 comment
Microsoft introduces Coco, a blockchain platform designed to improve scalability, speed, governance and privacy for enterprise needs.
Amazon Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation: Why You Should Care
Mitch Wagner  
8/10/2017   1 comment
Amazon is getting behind Kubernetes, taking on a bigger role in open source and educating enterprises on digital transformation.
Blockchain-Powered Cloud Dreams Face Barriers
Mitch Wagner  
8/9/2017   1 comment
Startups Filecoin and have big plans to build peer-to-peer cloud platforms powered by blockchain, but they'll face technical and regulatory obstacles.
Startups Plan Peer-to-Peer Clouds, Funded & Enabled by Blockchain
Mitch Wagner  
8/8/2017   2 comments
Filecoin and are both raising money using funding mechanisms based on blockchain, to build cloud infrastructures enabled by blockchain.
Nyansa Helps IT Fight Complaints
Mitch Wagner  
8/7/2017   2 comments
Updates to Nyansa's Voyance service help tech support diagnose problems brought on by BYOD and network complexity.
Arista Surges 20% on Earnings Blowout
Mitch Wagner  
8/4/2017   1 comment
Arista stock leaped upward on Friday after reporting fantastic quarterly results, driven in part by Microsoft and other cloud customers.
Is Twitter Pivoting to Live Video?
Mitch Wagner  
8/4/2017   9 comments
COO Anthony Noto, nicknamed the 'wartime CEO,' wants to turn the social network into a 24x7 live video platform.
AppViewX Debuts Tools for App Automation, Orchestration
Mitch Wagner  
8/3/2017   2 comments
The AppViewX platform is designed to automate manual processes and save valuable time in hybrid cloud deployments.
Apple Defends China VPN Ban
Mitch Wagner  
8/2/2017   3 comments
Apple banned unlicensed VPN apps from its Chinese App Store in compliance with local law, as it does in all countries it does business in, CEO Tim Cook said Tuesday.
Apple Responds to Trump, Touts 2M US Jobs
Mitch Wagner  
8/1/2017   9 comments
While President Donald Trump says Apple CEO Tim Cook promised to build three manufacturing plants in the US, Cook claims Apple has created 2 million jobs.
Apple Shines in Cloud & Enterprise
Mitch Wagner  
8/1/2017   9 comments
Cloud services revenue hit an all-time record for Apple in quarterly results announced Tuesday, as the company also touted strong enterprise gains.
Rackspace Tightens Amazon Embrace
Mitch Wagner  
8/1/2017   1 comment
Rackspace is broadening its professional services and tools for large enterprise cloud migration to AWS.
S-Net Taps SD-WAN for Cloud Voice & Data
Mitch Wagner  
8/1/2017   1 comment
S-Net is looking to provide low cost and flexibility for its cloud voice and data enterprise customers.

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