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Scott Ferguson Editor, Enterprise Cloud, | 6/22/2017
With the European Union looking to strengthen data protection privacy right over the next year, IBM is looking to expand its reach into data governance portfolio by applying big data and machine learning to issues ranging from compliance to security.
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Scott Ferguson Editor, Enterprise Cloud, | 6/20/2017
Microsoft and Accenture are partnering on a blockchain initiative to build digital identifications for 1.1 billion people as part of the United Nation's ID 2020 program.
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Scott Ferguson Editor, Enterprise Cloud, | 6/19/2017
For only the second time in 24 years, the United States does not have a supercomputer listed in one of the three spots in the semiannual Top 500 list of the world's most powerful high-performance computers.
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Scott Ferguson Editor, Enterprise Cloud, | 6/19/2017
The US Department of Energy is planning to use the lure of millions of dollars in federal grants to kick the era of exascale computing into high gear, which could have wide-ranging implications for cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other research developments.
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Mitch Wagner Editor, Enterprise Cloud, | 5/31/2017
A couple of Silicon Valley money men have outlined a vision for using blockchain to disrupt startup investments in the same way that companies like Uber and Airbnb are shaking up the travel and hospitality industries.
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Mitch Wagner Editor, Enterprise Cloud, | 5/24/2017
Forcepoint is taking a user-centric approach to cloud security, analyzing activity to find users -- and malware masquerading as users -- that threatens the enterprise.
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Mitch Wagner Editor, Enterprise Cloud, | 5/3/2017
Cloud and related technologies are driving an Infosys plan to bring 10,000 tech jobs to the US, in the face of criticism from President Donald Trump that Infosys and other outsourcing firms are taking jobs from Americans.
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Scott Ferguson Editor, Enterprise Cloud, | 4/3/2017
The Trump Administration has issued new sets of warnings for one of tech's favorite government programs: H-1B visas. The enforcement measures look to clamp down on fraud within the visa program even as companies continue to look to bring in highly skilled workers from overseas.
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Andrew Froehlich | 3/30/2017
The cloud is presumed to be a safe space that enterprises can trust with their organization's most sensitive data and intellectual property. The days of being skeptical regarding the level of data security and protection that could be offered by cloud service providers are well behind us.
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