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Scott Ferguson AWS Public Cloud Dominance Continues – Report
Scott Ferguson, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 4/28/2017  

The astronomical growth at Amazon Web Services appears to have slowed in the last few months, but the company remains in a class by itself in the public cloud market, and far ahead of all its competition combined, according to a new report.
Scott Ferguson AWS Sales Still Impress Even With Small Slowdown
Scott Ferguson, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 4/27/2017  
Amazon continued to wow Wall Street with its earnings, even as the retail giant's vaunted Amazon Web Services cloud division saw its sales slow a bit again during the first quarter of 2017.
Scott Ferguson Cisco Ponders the Meaning of the Multicloud Market
Scott Ferguson, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 4/27/2017  
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Trying to get a handle on the global cloud computing market is not a simple task, especially as technology changes all the time and the needs of enterprise customers shift from one priority to another over the course of a year.
Scott Ferguson Oracle Adds AI to Its Customer Experience Cloud
Scott Ferguson, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 4/26/2017  
Oracle is busy building out the capabilities of its various cloud computing offerings, and it has now added a dose of artificial intelligence to its Customer Experience suite, which can add an extra layer of automation for users.
Scott Ferguson IBM Opens 4 More US-Based Data Centers
Scott Ferguson, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 4/26/2017  
IBM is planning to open four additional data centers in the US as part of the company's plan to build out regional cloud facilities across the globe to support initiatives ranging from cognitive computing to the Internet of Things.
Scott Ferguson Cisco Jasper Brings IoT Management Knowhow to Mobile
Scott Ferguson, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 4/25/2017  
Already known for its management of connected vehicles and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Cisco Jasper is looking to move into mobile device management with a new platform being offered through service providers.
Scott Ferguson Storage Now Driving New Cloud Pricing Fight: Report
Scott Ferguson, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 4/21/2017  
Mounting pressure from the big public cloud providers is putting pressure on the object storage market, pushing prices down and starting a new era in the cloud pricing wars. This also means that enterprises buying cloud storage will be able to benefit from these price cuts.
Scott Ferguson Special Report: Mergers, Acquisitions & IPOs Rocking the Cloud Market
Scott Ferguson, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 4/20/2017  
The cloud computing market is in a constant state of flux, with new services and technologies being added on an almost daily basis. This year has proved no different.
Scott Ferguson Emerson Looks to Secure HR Data in the Cloud
Scott Ferguson, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 4/20/2017  
With some 110,000 employees scattered across 150 countries across the globe, Emerson has a lot of human resources data to protect. To help get a handle on it all, the company is turning to the cloud for security piece of mind.
Scott Ferguson AWS CTO Unleashes Torrent of Developer Features
Scott Ferguson, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 4/19/2017  
Sporting a black t-shirt that proclaimed "Werner Against the Machine," Amazon's chief technology officer unleashed a number of new developer tools this week that are designed to keep AWS dominance in the public cloud space intact.
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