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Mitch Wagner Google Nabs Former Cloud Holdout Etsy
Mitch Wagner, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 12/15/2017  
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Crafts bazaar Etsy, which once proclaimed the cloud was simply not suitable for its business, has apparently changed its mind, signing on with Google Cloud as its public cloud provider.
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Scott Ferguson IBM Q Network Opens Up Quantum Computing to Researchers, Businesses
Scott Ferguson, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 12/15/2017  

IBM is taking a major step with bringing quantum computing into the mainstream with a new project called Q Network, which will give businesses, government agencies and research universities access to Big Blue's quantum systems.
Mitch Wagner Oracle Cloud Revenue Bursts 44%
Mitch Wagner, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 12/14/2017  

Oracle reported total cloud revenues up 44% to $1.5 billion for the second quarter of its fiscal 2018. But that wasn't enough for Wall Street, as shares were down 3.43% in after-hours trading.
Mitch Wagner FCC Repeals Net Neutrality
Mitch Wagner, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 12/14/2017  
The Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 along party lines today to end net neutrality regulations -- more specifically, to repeal the Open Internet Order passed in 2015 and replace it with a new Restoring Internet Freedom Order.
Mitch Wagner Kubernetes Advances Windows Support
Mitch Wagner, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 12/14/2017  

Look for a little Kubernetes in your holiday gift stocking, as version 1.9 of the open source container cluster management software is scheduled to ship Friday. The upgrade adds Windows support in beta and further refinements to fit the contemporary multicloud environment.
Scott Ferguson White House Report Calls for Greater Federal Cloud Adoption
Scott Ferguson, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 12/14/2017  

In an effort to overhaul the federal government's massive IT infrastructure, a new report from the White House is recommending that agencies adopt more cloud computing technologies, including commercial ones.
Scott Ferguson AI Will Create 2.3 Million Jobs by 2020 – Report
Scott Ferguson, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 12/13/2017  
With concerns that artificial intelligence will make human employment obsolete in the coming decades, research firm Gartner is looking to counter that narrative with a new report that finds AI will actually create more than 2 million jobs within the next two years.
Mitch Wagner Juniper Automates to Speed Up Security
Mitch Wagner, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 12/13/2017  

Juniper is looking to make security less work by automating changes to security configurations, as well as helping to visualize threats.
Scott Ferguson AWS Opens Second Cloud Region in China
Scott Ferguson, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 12/12/2017  

Amazon Web Services is looking to keep up its pace of global expansion and the company now plans to open its second cloud computing region in China in conjunction with Ningxia Western Cloud Data Technology, a local technology provider.
Mitch Wagner Gremlin Looks to Bring 'Chaos Engineering' to the Masses
Mitch Wagner, Editor, Enterprise Cloud, 12/12/2017  

A startup called Gremlin, founded by engineers from Netflix, Google, Amazon and other web-scale companies, is looking to help enterprises improve cloud applications' reliability by using "chaos engineering" to build up the system's defenses.
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