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How SD-WAN Ensures Reliability & Quality for Your SaaS Applications
Date: 2/22/2018
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SaaS-based applications are the choice of many enterprises looking to replace traditional apps that were hosted in their own data center. SaaS provides flexibility and choice when it comes to enterprise-grade applications and reduces some administrative challenges by offloading them to the vendor.

But SaaS is not without its challenges.

Specifically, SaaS makes it more complicated to bring applications to branch offices. Older technologies such as WAN doesn't cut it anymore, and service providers are looking for new ways to connect offices to the apps that workers need.

It's a challenge for IT as well, since SaaS provides a lot of flexibility but admins still want a sense of control of the data.

This is where SD-WAN is proving that it has something to offer to IT, enterprises and service providers. Join Citrix and Enterprise Cloud News as they explore what SD-WAN means for the modern enterprise, how it provides security and connectivity when it comes to SaaS, how to improve the user experience and how service providers can offer SD-WAN to customers as a service.

Optimizing the Enterprise Network for Multi-Cloud
Date: 2/7/2018
Versa Networks
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Over the past several years, the move to the cloud has changed how enterprise IT works. Now, the growing trend toward multi-cloud is about to upend the business world again.

With enterprises using multiple cloud vendors, and entrusting more and more of their applications to SaaS, businesses and their IT departments are looking to find new and better ways to optimize their networks for this new world, as well as rethinking their infrastructure architecture.

Along the way, there are other questions: How can the company optimize transport costs? How is the data best delivered to branch offices? Is the network secure?

One way enterprises are trying to answer these concerns is through SD-WAN, a newer technology that is helping to deliver SaaS-based applications to remote and satellite offices with better speed, security and efficiency than the legacy WAN.

Join Versa Networks and Enterprise Cloud News for a live webinar where we'll explore how multi-cloud is changing IT infrastructure and how IT is managing this new infrastructure. We'll see how IT is designing networks to support any number of cloud infrastructures and services, as well as using these technologies to gain new insights and visibility into the network. We'll also investigate how SD-WAN can help enterprises take full advantage of the cloud, connecting apps to the people who need them, and bringing a layer of security to ensure the integrity of the business and the network.

See How Huawei Builds an Agile Campus Network Using Innovative Products
Date: 12/14/2017
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How to build a campus network is a topic that is discussed over and over. With today's ever-changing technologies, how can you ensure your campus network stays ahead throughout its digital transformation and effectively support the efficient coordination of your staff and efficient operations of service processes? You need a more reliable partner that supports your digital strategy

  • See how Huawei provides the industry's only PoE 200 m remote power supply technology. Each device has 48 ports, and each port provides 60W power for powered devices (PDs).
  • See how Huawei's modular omnidirectional antennas ensure 360° indoor pervasive Wi-Fi coverage and signals with doubled stability.
  • See Huawei's pioneering dual-5G outdoor AP with 30% more concurrent users.

Join Huawei's webinar See How Huawei Builds an Agile Campus Network Using Innovative Products on December 14 to see how we achieved all of this.

Managing Risk With Cloud-based Recovery Assurance Strategies
Date: 12/5/2017
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If there's one thing that IT wants, it's control. However, what happens when forces happen outside IT's control? What happens when disasters with names such as Harvey, Irma and Maria arrive and shut down critical infrastructure for days if not weeks? How can enterprises get access to their data and return systems back to normal so disruption to customers is minimal? A good disaster recovery plan is a must, but the cloud adds a new layer of scale to the IT infrastructure that enterprises need to consider when mapping out these plans. In this webinar, we'll look at how businesses and their CIOs can help manage risk with thought-out, well-planned recovery assurance strategies that help enterprises recover faster from unforeseen disasters.

Enabling Networks to Be More Agile For Services
Date: 11/21/2017
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With the development of enterprise mobility, cloud computing, Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), as a network administrator, have you ever thought of the following issues? This upcoming “Enabling Networks to be more Agile for Services” webinar will discover the following questions that network administrators are seeking answers for:

  • How to converge both wired and wireless networks to deliver consistent experiences and simplified management?
  • How to guarantee the high-quality mobile work methods in diversified mobile scenarios?
  • How to increase network visibility, simplified network O&M and reduce O&M cost?

How Connectivity Management Solves Challenges in the Evolving IoT Landscape
Date: 11/2/2017
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Improved efficiency, reduced cost and new revenue streams are the promised benefits of IoT deployments. And to attain these results, connectivity management comes to the forefront, providing the ability to effectively connect, monitor and manage multiple devices spread out over diverse areas. Connectivity management, regardless of the number of devices or the amount of data transmitted, must be simplified for cost and efficiencies. The solution is a single platform from which to view and control the entire process, from provisioning to deployment to data collection and storage to analytics and billing.

When large-scale IoT expansion does takes place, many times the solutions will incorporate multiple technologies. To overcome – or sidestep – this problem, a single platform is required, one that simplifies the connectivity management process, includes heightened security and enables performance optimizations and cost controls.

Join us for this connectivity management webinar where we will dive deep into the issues, look at challenges and benefits and provide insights to solutions and growth in this evolving IoT landscape.

Cloud Computing: Why Your Skill Set Matters
Date: 9/27/2017
Cloud Foundry
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You hear it again and again from the IT community: The skills you have matter. However, what does that mean in the era of cloud computing, PaaS and DevOps? When it comes to developing apps that work in the cloud, the skill sets that businesses are requiring from IT are changing dramatically. At the same time, the barriers between different parts of the department – systems admin, network admin and operations – are breaking down at the same time that the cloud is creating different demands. What do you need to know to survive and thrive in this world? Join Enterprise Cloud News Editor Scott Ferguson, and the CTO of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, Chip Childers, as they discuss the cloud, new skills sets, DevOps and what you need to know to keep ahead of the game in this new world. Join us on Wednesday, Sept. 27, at 12:00 p.m. ET to learn more.

Considering Virtual CPE to Secure Your Unified Communications? Here Is What You Need to Know!
Date: 9/12/2017
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In order to streamline the delivery of cloud-based IP communications services to enterprise customers, service providers are now leveraging network functions virtualization (NFV) architectures and orchestration tools to instantiate network services, such as a run-time ready session border controller (SBC) for secure, robust, SIP-based services in just minutes.

With a virtual, cloud-native SBC, service providers can deliver the security, scalability, interworking and high-availability that enterprise customers have come to expect from hardware-only solutions.

In this webinar, you will learn why enterprises should consider deploying a managed virtual CPE (vCPE) solution in their Unified Communication (UC) networks. Concepts in this webinar will include:

  • The security impacts of integrating vCPE into existing UC networks
  • Best practices for implementing a holistic enterprise security strategy
  • vCPE and UC integration reference architecture
  • Why an MPLS network is not enough
  • Avoiding interoperability and protocol translation issues with legacy equipment
  • Achievable capex savings vCPE can deliver

Enterprise Cloud: What Lies Ahead
Date: 8/22/2017
Enterprise Cloud News
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Enterprise Cloud News has been around for six months, and boy have things have changed.

We learned a lot since we launched, and now we're looking ahead through the end of the year to see how cloud is changing business and how business is done.

Please join editors, Mitch Wagner and Scott Ferguson, along with special guest and fellow security editor Curtis Franklin, as we talk about all things cloud and what the rest of 2017 has to offer.

This special webinar happens Tuesday, August 22, at noon EDT. We're taking questions and offering answers. Please join our conversation.

Cloud & Storage: Driving the Enterprise Conversation
Date: 7/25/2017
Enterprise Cloud News
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When it comes to cloud, storage is one of the most important and basic components of a successful deployment, right behind the need for virtual machines. However, storage can also be complicated. In addition to the different pricing models in the public cloud, storage brings its own unique set of problems, from developing service-level agreements to what happens if there's a service outage or cyber attack. The price of storage also is entering a major flux, with the big public cloud providers putting pressure on one another and sending the overall price down, according to 451 Research. In our latest Enterprise Cloud News webinar, Howard Marks, a veteran of the storage industry, talks with editor Scott Ferguson about cloud storage trends and what your enterprise needs to know to stay ahead. Please tune and listen on July 25 at noon Eastern Daylight Time.

How IoT & Cloud Will Eat the World
Date: 5/8/2017
151 Advisors
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The cloud is changing the ways in which enterprises approach business. At the heart of the digital transformation that many companies are undergoing, the cloud is the base from which other technologies are implemented. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one such technology that grows out of enterprises using the cloud. By the end of this year, Gartner predicts that more than 8 billion "things" will be connected. IoT is changing the way manufacturing, retail, healthcare and other businesses interact with customers, enabling them to draw on rich veins of data to make decisions. How the cloud enables IoT and how IoT will change everything we do, from making airplane turbines to how we drive our cars, is essential to understanding our new digital world. Join Enterprise Cloud News as we see how cloud and IoT are changing our lives, and how these two technologies are taking over our world.

Evernote's Journey to the Cloud
Date: 4/20/2017
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Like many enterprises, Evernote was motivated by business transformation to move to the cloud. Evernote took 70 days to move from its own data centers and infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform, and did it all without disrupting service to the 200 million people who rely on Evernote to keep track of everything from business documents to recipes. To make the transition, Evernote had to move 5 billion notes and 5 billion attachments, comprising more than 3 petabytes of data. In this webinar, you'll find out how Evernote made the transition to Google Cloud Platform, the benefits it's seeing, the problems it encountered along the way, and how it resolved those problems – or didn't. You'll also learn how Evernote is looking to take advantage of Google's services, including machine learning.

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